I never bought an iPhone or iPad, or iAnything really, so I have never been that interested in the trend of un-boxing photos. But for the sake of this blog, I thought it would be fun to take just one random tech-geek picture of something related to running.

Garmin 305

Gadgets are Fun

There is no actual need for a wearable GPS. It’s a bit indulgent. But I am one of those people who loves to review the statistics. It’s how I make sure I’m progressing.

So this thing does everything. Well, everything but run for you. It not only tracks your distance and pace, it records data about when you change pace, heart rate, all sorts of markers. It’s more than a GPS, it’s a trainer.

So even something as fundamental as putting one foot in front of the other to move my own weight with my own power, can use high tech help.

In other developments today, I tried a very low tech problem solver, with mixed results. I swam with a nose clip, since I have been having difficulty breathing when I swim. It kept the water out, but it also kept me from inhaling as much as I do without it. I’m still far from great form in the pool, but right now I’m just glad to get in there. Did 600 yards tonight, in 30 minutes. Mark Spitz was 2 lanes over, and probably swam 5 miles in the same time.

So it’s the end of the month, and I counted up my total training distances. Those are the numbers that I will judge myself by, not speeds. It’s about the dedication to getting it done. December saw 3 miles swimming, and 20 miles running. Not bad at all for a first month. January, however, was not great. I spent a solid two weeks sick. I was out of the pool completely for a long time, and running took a hit. By the end of the month, I logged 1 mile swimming, and 12 miles running. But that’s still 13 miles more than January 2010.

I am setting a volume goal in February of 4 miles swimming, and 30 miles running/walking. I’m giving myself Jan 31 as part of February to make it fair. Those numbers may sound a bit ambitious with the last month’s in mind, but without getting sick, they are quite reasonable. 600 yard swim, 12 times in the month. 2 miles running 15 times. That is totally do-able. Some day I will look back and say “wow, my week’s training used to take a month.” Right now, that’s going to be a good goal that isn’t too hard to do, but will require regularity.

Training log: back in the pool, 30 laps in Milton.
Food tip: hot salsa on a baked potato is better than most people would think.


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