Well, the Garmin GPS watch worked great today. I even saw a picture of my route as soon as I synced it to the PC. Trouble is, I didn’t have my heart monitor on right, so it thinks my HR was 70-73 the whole time. Not possible. The other day when I ran to quickstop and back, I was up between 160 and 180 much of the time. I’ll have to pay attention to how I put it on better next time.

But wow, a GPS watch is cool. I hit the lap button when I changed from warm-up walk, when I went down a hill, when I took a short walk break. It records all the data I can imagine.

Oh yeah, and I ran 3 miles. Exactly 3 miles. Not a 5k yet, I need another tenth of a mile for that. 😉 51:34, average pace of 17:12

I think I’ll survive night flight.

Food thought for the day: a deep fried fish sandwich on a white roll is not the best thing you can have while out, but at approx 400 calories (no taratar sauce, with ketchup) it’s certainly within acceptable limits so I can take my little buddy to Cruiser’s after pre-school. Nothing says I have to have a chocolate malt, fries and a basket of chicken fingers.

Training thought for the day: though I felt awesome after the run, I did feel rather tired within the hour. The passing thought about going to the Y to swim before 1pm was a bit crazy. The day will come, but it’s not today.


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