All it took was a webform. I went to Geisinger’s website to request an appointment in endocrinology, and within 4 minutes, someone called me to make the appointment. I go in on March 11.

I was not surprised when I gave some confusion to the scheduler. They asked for the bloodwork to be sent to them. I said it wasn’t on file in any primary care physician’s office. I have a paramed report from a life insurance company that I had to beg for twice, I may have something on file at the Marywood lab, and I have home test results. “Did you write it down?” – I almost laughed out loud. Yeah, you could say I wrote it down. By the time I show up next month, I will have weeks of logs so detailed, down to exact food intake, exercise times, glucose results. There won’t be any lack of information to work with.

On the way home, I stopped at the grocery store. On the magazine rack, I noticed “Diabetic Living.” I bought a copy. The cover picture is this decadent looking cake covered in an inch of icing. I don’t get it. Isn’t that like putting out an AA newsletter with a cover of people drinking martinis and looking super happy?

Training: got the YMCA late last night, got in the pool and set a goal of the usual 600 yards. Swam 800 instead. I definitely felt it afterwards, but I’m not here to flop around. The first time I got in the pool in early December, I had this same feeling after 300 yards. If in just over 2 months, I pushed my limit to 800 yards, not so bad eh?



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