First I must say, it’s good to be back to the routine. I was away from last Wednesday to Sunday, and with a nasty (thankfully short-lived) cold in the middle of that week, it has been some time since I did any running or swimming. Vacation was also spent with few restrictions on eating. But once back in town, I’m back on track. I ran 3.2 miles yesterday after expecting only 2. Today I got to the pool, but my schedule made me late, so I only had 15 minutes before lap swim ended and the preschool took over. I got in 400 yards.A glucose test after swimming showed 101. Not too shabby.

So here are the two signs I read that are just getting me into more stuff. Sign #1: Lap Swim Challenge, and #2 – Tri Tri Again!

The first is just what it says: a YMCA challenge to swim the most laps in the month of March. The prizes are nothing spectacular, but, like my efforts in th snowfest, the point is to sign up and do it. So I have to figure out an ambitious but achievable goal. This will likely mean going to lap swim more than I am going now, but for a month it will be fun to have that kind of crazy focus.

Now, Tri Tri Again is a young race in our area that just flat out intrigues me. It’s a short trail triathlon, where you decide how many laps you can do. The last lap must be started before the 3 hour mark. I hope to do 3 laps. It’s 2.25 mile run, then about the same distance in mountain biking (rough trail, not even comparable to the same distance on asphalt), and a 150 yard pond swim. Then again. And again. This event is on New Berlin Mountain, and was conceived of by a member of First Lutheran Church in Mifflinburg, and all proceeds go to charitable mission work. I have a wedding that day, but thankfully it is not until 4pm. I am so doing this.

In other news, I set out to conquer my hatred of snow by running outside this winter. I ran yesterday without even thinking about the terrain. But yeah, I think enough is enough and I am all about spring now.


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