This bit of interesting data is going to need professional confirmation. The home test is not as reliable, but assuming the margin of error would tend to go in the same direction in both test kits from the same lot, blah blah blah…..

I have apparently lowered my A1C already. On a whim, I thought I would take it tonight, just to see if there was a noticeable change. It’s advisable to check it every 3 months. It doesn’t vary day to day or hour to hour like blood glucose. It is a long term indicator.

Feb 4, I took a home test. It was 7.2%. The next day, the lab test was 6.8%. So, the home test ran higher.With that in mind….

Tonight, I took the home test. 6%!!! That’s a huge drop. HUGE. Even assuming some margin of error, there’s definitely significant movement downward. And this month has hardly been perfect in the food department. A week in Boston, the weekend before Lent. Some days I’m not particularly proud of. But I must be on the right track overall. This is one of those tests you can’t trick from one fast fix. I doubt I really saw a 1.2 point drop in that short of a time, but hey – I am amazed I swan 2 miles in 2 hours last week.

In other news, I am seriously hitting the laps. I’ve actually only run twice this month. Come April 1, I will be biking a lot, and swimming a lot less. By summer, I hope to have a more consistent schedule. For right now, I am taking some time to get used to each new thing on its own. The March lap challenge is keeping me in the pool, and by the end of the month I will be amazed at my totals.

Registration opened today for the Walt Disneyworld Marathon Weekend 2012. Within the week we’ll finalize our plans for the kids run options, and sign on officially.



2 thoughts on “Once again, I ask myself: is this possible?

  1. Not to be one to tell you I told you so, but, well: I told you so. Keep going. I believe the change you see is real and you are going to amaze your doctors.

    • I have never been happier to be on the end of an I-told-you-so! I still wonder if that big of a drop is possible in 6 weeks, but I have been a machine. Not so much a nutritionally perfect machine, but a constantly moving, burning one.

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