I want to dedicate a post today to my friend, Lee. He ran his first 1/2 marathon today in a time of 2:24:23. I’m impressed. Lee’s wife Heather ran an 8k yesterday and their little guy Griffin ran the kids 26.2 yard run.

Running is very much a solitary activity, but it helps to have friends and support. When I made the snap decision to start running and train for a 1/2 marathon, the first person I called was Lee. Knowing that my buddy will be at the finish line on that day helps me motivate to get the training done, to keep at it.

I am trying my hardest to inspire my kids. I don’t ever want them to have to come back from 350 pounds like I am. I want them to enjoy movement, whatever it may be for them, early in life, and throughout life, so that it just becomes natural, a way to be. Not a hurdle to overcome. But it was nice the other night when we go tout of the car at the YMCA for family swim time (and session 3 of the 4 mile swim day) and Olivia said “Daddy can I run a marathon with you some day?”

We do not exist in a vacuum. And with apologizes to Simon and Garfunkel, we are not islands. (Actually, they knew that. The song is not an anthem, but a sadness.)

I run for me. I run for my kids. I run for my wife. But I run WITH so many awesome people. Today one who is very important to me had a great day. Good job Lee!

I’m off to the pool. Only open for an hour today, so I may even run afterwards. That’s may, as in might….



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