John Bingham, the Penguin, the patron saint of back-of-the-pack runners everywhere, writes at length about the insanity of runners who pride themselves on running injured. The midpack of a race starting line, he says, resembles a physicla therapy convention. Everyone is wrapped, gauzed, wearing all sorts of devices. He cautions against this mentality, that running injured makes one tougher, even if it means getting put off the road for a longer recovery when going too far.

Well, I think I may have to heed this advice, but not for running. I have actually, it would seem, injured myself swimming. You know, that low-impact exercise? Turns out that if you try to drag 270 pounds through the water, with terrible form, and little kicking, it may indeed have a high impact on the arms.

Over the last couple days I have noticed an increasing pain in my left bicep. I first thought it was just soreness, especially since I did 4.5 hours of swimming on Friday. But as I am more aware of how the pain is working, and doing some research, it looks like I may indeed have bicepal tendonitis. Oh goody.

What this means is ice and rest for a few days. I have no idea when I will be able to get back in the pool. It was really hard to come to this admission. I wanted to get in at least a mile a day until the end of the month. That looks unlikely now.

Can I say I’m a real athlete now, that I have an athletic injury?



4 thoughts on “Injuries SUCK

  1. Swim using a kickboard that you hold on to, and just kick the laps. You won’t do as many as fast, but, it’s still laps and still progress……

    • while I know that to be true, with all the intellectual capacity I can muster… I have to confess, and it is a confession because I am not proud of this, I can’t get over the idea that using a kickboard is for children and the elderly. I am too caught up in pride, and what little machismo I have to see myself on one of those things. Even though a lifeguard was advising me today to use it as a way to get used to alternate side breathing. I think I’d rather do lengths with the elementary backstroke which uses no arm rotation. And that makes me look like an injured frog.

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