Since I don’t want every blog entry to have to be a heavy introspective breakthrough revelation, for the sake of posterity, here are some not-that-significant details.

I am going to start recording PRs. PR stands for personal record.

The PR I noted today was what I will call the ironman-pool. 85 laps, just over 2.4 miles. (2.41477 to be exact) The cutoff in most IM races is 2 hours, 20 minutes. Open water is more challenging, but as of right now, all I have is pool data. When I did my first 2.4 length, Monday, I did it in 2:03, then went on to 2.8 miles for the session. That was the day I swam 5 miles total.

Today I had one IronMan length session. I nailed it in just under 1:50.

Here’s what’s on my Swimp3, in no particular order.

Phish – Maze, live (when it peaks, I go faster)
Jane’s Addiction – Just Because (one of the best motivational songs for me right now)

Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train

Evanescene – Bring Me To Life

Tool – Parabola (best line: celebrate this chance to be alive and breathing)

The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter and Monkey Man (always living life like Scorsese is filming it)

Linkin Park – Crawling (swimming irony), Announcement Service Public, With You

Queens of the Stone Age – Feelgood Hit of the Summer

Pearl Jam – Spin the Black Circle, Go, Alive, Porch

Smashing Pumpkins – Cherub Rock

Guns ‘n’ Roses – Coma, You Could Be Mine

Rush – Bastille Day, Working Man, YYZ, One Little Victory

Heart – Crazy  on You

Gov’t Mule – Rocking Horse (live), Blind Man in the Dark

Motley Crue – Home Sweet Home, Kickstart My Heart, Wild Side(this one could get a straggler through the last mile of a marathon)

Iron Maiden – Run to the Hills

Stevie Ray Vaughn – Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)

The Who – Love Reign O’er Me – (slowest track, but I dig it)

Eminem – Lose Yourself

Soundgarden – Spoonman

Disturbed – about 8 tracks – definitely an acquired taste – I recommend 10,000 Fists, I’m Alive, Pain Redefined, and the cover of Land of Confusion

The Ramones – T9eenage Lobotomy, I Wanna Be Sedated

Helmet – Unsung (die young is far too boring these days)

Beastie Boys – Stand Together

Kevin Rudolph – Let It Rock

Green Day – Know Your Enemy

And of course, every workout mix needs

Dragonforce – Through the Fire and the Flames

Eventually, most Linkin Park and all Linkin Park with JayZ will end up on there, as well as more GnR. Except Chinese Democracy. I actually bought that on vinyl, just because.


One thought on “Swimp3 Setlist and a PR

  1. I realize I am WAY behind this blog, but I am inspired and am reading through the archives now. That, sir, is one KICK*** playlist! Great mix of larger, more well-known bands and some equally gifted smaller acts that can all succeed in getting a person going!

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