This is weird without snow goggles, people can see my face.

Seriously I feel naked.

OK, 15 minute pace – that’s better than last time. Hey for a whole 2 tenths, downhill!

Hey that’s uphill now, slow down, but run it.

Now that I didn’t crash in front of the Amish horse, I am noticing this is hard.
Yeah, this is definitely hard. How did I do this before?

Dude, there is no way you’re going to make this in less than an hour.

A triathlon? Are you insane?

Hey, where did that enormous dog come from? It looks like a wolf.

Is it a wolf?

Stay there. Good dog. I’m not a threat.

Do I need to walk up this hill?

Yes, yes I do.

Is that dog still watching me? Yes he is.

This pace is slow. I am slow. This has not changed.

Around this bend, just get around this bend then you can walk.

OK you’re around the bend, get to that hill, then you can walk.

Hey look more dogs!

OK you’re at the hill, just to the top of the… never mind, we’re definitely walking this one.

It’s literally all downhill to your house from here.

Now there are cars. They can see me. Do not walk or fall.

Wow there is a lot of roadkill on 35 near my house.

I can see my house from here!

Dude, you’re going slow. — Dude shut up, you’re moving, ok?

When I get done, I am getting 5 milkshakes at cruiser’s.

OK 3.

Maybe one.

Hey, I’m done. 3.1 miles exactly. 51:02. That’s my second best pace yet. Weird. I thought I’d die a mile in.

Here’s a thought – don’t wait 2 weeks between runs next time.


One thought on “The Inner Monologue of a 5k Training Run after Too Much Time Off

  1. haha I feel your pain, I’m weird though I time running in time not milage I figure if I can run 40 mins that’s two miles lol slowly two miles. I do more aqua jogging than real running though. Did Meg tell you about the 5k in Sept at the street fair, I am going to run that one.

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