OK, time to put up or shut up.

I took my bike to Danville today. I rode the course for the DACC Triathlon. I completed it. I did so slowly, but I completed it.

I took my vibrams along in case I needed to walk any significant portions. At the apex of the hill, I did change shoes and walk some of it. I took time to completely stop too. This would explain why a 12.3 mile course took me about an hour and a half. Coming down the hill, I used the brakes a lot, topping out at 28 mph. I am still way too timid to go faster. Crashing would not be favorable.

But I did it. At the end of it, I had to ask myself “could I run/walk a 5k now?” I believed at the time that I could.

So there you have it. I am committed, or at least I ought to be. (rimshot please for the easy double entendre.)

This time Saturday, I plan to be showing off my finishers medal for my first ever sprint triathlon. I will probably need 3 hours to finish. The top places will probably come in under 1:15. Most everyone will be done by 1:45. Then there will be me. I did email the director of the DACC to ask about a cutoff time. She said “well, I have dinner reservations at 7pm, so I guess the cutoff is 7pm.” I really have no clue how long I will take, but I can safely predict that I will be done before noon. That would be an epic time for a 1/2 Ironman, a respectable time for an Olympic Tri, but pretty funny for a sprint. And I am totally OK with that. The alternative is to NOT SHOW UP. That is now an unacceptable option.

So if you’re reading this and not terribly busy Saturday, come over the the Danville Area Community Center to watch the finish. To see the awesome front runners, come around 9am. To see me, arrive at about 10am and mill about. You never know, I could knock it out in 2:30! If you’re really bored, the race starts in the pool at 8am.

Then join us that evening in Richfield for a spaghetti dinner for our pre-school. Traditionally the carbo load is the night BEFORE the race, but hey, schedules are what they are.


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