There is no such thing as tough. There is trained and untrained. Now which one are you? – Creasy, Man on Fire

You know, thinking of that movie reminds me that I used to say it would be nice to see Dakota Fanning in a role where she’s not a terrified child for once. Then I was forced to see one of those awful vampire movies with the kids who are not happy to be in love AT ALL, and she was all powerful and villainy, and I decided I preferred War of the Worlds after all.

But I digress.

I did a brick workout today. That’s bike, then run. I warmed this up with a dip in a cold lake, trying out my wetsuit. Turns out, I don’t quite fit in it yet, and I may be braving the 58degree water of the Chesapeake on Saturday with nothing but my jammers and a new thermal training shirt I picked up at The Dedicated Swimmer in Lewisburg. (BTW, we have a swim shop in Lewisburg!)

Anyway, I did the full 12.5 miles on the bike, then 1/2 of a 5k. I am definitely giong to be chasing the clock closely at this event. I got the bike in just under an hour. It was just under 35 out and 25 back. Definitely more climb on the way out, obviously. Then I ran a 5k pace that makes me think 50 minutes would be a miracle.

So here’s how it’s going to go down in a mere 5 days:

I’m going to get to jump into the coldest water I’ve ever swam in, with a current no less – and try to get close to my best recorded 500m pool time, which is between 12:30 and 13:00. Then, run to the bike course and get 12.4 miles, then run a 5k.

If I leave in the absolute last swim wave at 8am, I will have to be out of the water by 8:20 (ok, should be ok), transition and be off the bike by 9:20, (this is tight), and run a 5k in 40minutes to be done by 10am. This is the problem. That last part just likely isn’t happening.

So, I have to hope that I can swim by 7:30am. The waves are 150 people at a time, leaving every 3 minutes. That would mean 10 waves would encompass 1500 people, and be underway by 7:30. If they don’t shorten the cutoffs because of that, I would be ecstatic. Otherwise, I may be a DNF.

I am checking my email constantly to see if TriRock has sent me my wave confirmation email yet, with finalized cutoff times confirmed. I really really really need this info. I mean, I’m going either way, and the training isn’t going to change in a week. But I would like to have a way to wrap my brain around it as soon as I can.

With all that anxiety stated, I still have to sit back and take in the sun on this amazing day, and think about something. A year ago, I would have been happy to finish a 5k upright. Just that. And now, I’m looking at completing a 2nd sprint triathlon, with open water swimming, in a designated timeline, sanctioned by USAT.

This is unreal. But what is most definitely real, is the fact that I could not have signed up for this, and sat around, and started training today. I would not finish at all. Looking back at the last few months, I don’t think any one workout on its own was an epic life changer, but cumulatively, it is making me into a trained athlete.

Yeah I said it – athlete. Triathlete to be exact.

Off to Girl Scout bridging in a couple of minutes. Those patches didn’t just show up on her uniform because she called herself a Daisy one day. She went to the meetings, did the projects, and did the service. Now, they mean something.

I can totally relate.


2 thoughts on “Denzel Speaks Truth

  1. Well I just spent an hour looking through race reports from San Diego to see if anyone posted wave times from that race, since it was same group. No luck, so instead just swim faster if you start late, you can do it.
    Hope to read soon how great your day went

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