If I could talk to myself from only a year ago, all Bill & Ted style in a phonebooth at a Circle K, I would not even try to tell May 2010 Andy that I would be entering my 2nd sprint triathlon on May 14, 2011. No way. 2010 Andy would assume 2011 Andy actually came from an alternate universe. There must be an error. Something like the reaction from the Warrior Run Middle School teachers when I got suspended for fighting in 1985. “Andy who? You must have mis-spoken. Had to be someone else.”

So, the details, quick and dirty:

Bib 404 – Clydesdale Division. Swim wave 4 out of 12. Fluourescent Green swim cap. Wave shared with 30-34 year old men. This means I will be at the back of that pack, getting passed by several people in the next 2 waves, but I am totally cool with that.

I should have 2:48 before the race ends. I want to finish well before that.

The cutoff times are 8:20 for swim, 9:20 for bike, 10:00 for run. Generally set for the last swim wave up to 8am, this translates roughly to a max swim time of 20 minutes, bike of one hour, run of 40 minutes. That’s not exactly how it works, but I don’t know how else to figure it.

I have no clue how I will do in the open water swim. I did a 500m in under 13:00 before, but not in open water. My first foray into wetsuit cold water was a mixed bag on Monday, but Wednesday I have another shot at it. Even though I have to deal with cold water face shock, open water currents, and the mass of people, I can safely say I am a strong swimmer, if not the fastest. I’m the walrus baby!

So, the bike….. I am doing a small hill course in about an hour right now.

Running: still very very slow, especially at the end of a tri. My time in Danville was 53:41. I think I can beat that with the environment of the Trirock, with bands every mile, and people actually cheering at the finish. (Danville volunteers were awesome, but it was a very sparse scene.)

So assuming I’m 10 minutes over in run, even in bike, and let’s be safe and say even in swim, add 10 minutes of slow transitions, I need to be 20 minutes ahead in swim waves to break even. At48 minutes ahead, I have a good cushion, but I want to push for the best times I can get.

So, goals:

Swim: 15:00
T1: 4:00
Bike: 59:59
T2: 3:00
Run: 50:00

That would be 2:12. This is 15:15 better than my Danville time, with a bigger more challenging swim. But, I lost a lot of time at Danville with the crazy hill walk. This course should be much faster, though not as much a cakewalk as I originally thought it could be. The transitions may take longer too with significant distance from the dock, and a large area to navigate.

In other news, I am signing up for a 5k swim on August 27. And, I may have made arrangements for my biggest challenge on the calendar yet.


One thought on “404. This is not an error message

  1. I am assuming 5 min waves, so you should start by 7:20. Gives you an hour to finish swim! You are all set. Stop worrying about cut offs and kill the race!

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