There was a time when mowing the lawn took up most of my day. The actual mowing took 2 hours, the recovery took 2-4, and the hours spent avoiding it ahead of time, well, they added up too. I still maintain that lawn mowing is pointless. I will never be Hank Hill. I think grass is wasted if not eaten by livestock. Yet, I live in a house I don’t own, with an expectation that I will mow regularly.

So now I consider it training. But what’s really been interesting is that it isn’t my whole day’s worth of training anymore. Today, I didn’t get to the lawn until 6:30, and I knocked it out nice and fast. That was after taking the family out kayaking on Penn’s Creek, (steering mostly for 5.5 miles – water was rushing). Then to get the car back to the family and kayaks, I rode my bike 5 miles to the car, the last mile in sudden rain. This was my version of a sprint brick today. And somehow, mowing the lawn was an afterthought, not the axis on which my day rotated.

Training works.


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