OK, I still don’t. But sometimes I find it cool to be able to remember things a certain way.

My past lap swim in March was 37 laps to make it to 37 miles.

My bib number for Annapolis was 404, the usual error message.

I decided to work toward a half marathon on December 1. The race is January 7. That’s 13 months for 13 miles.

I just found a new goal based on numbers. 2112.

2112 is the number of yards in a Half Ironman swim. (HIM)

It is also the name of a classic Rush album.

The album clocks in at 38:40.

So here’s the goal: by next June, swim 2112 yards in 38:40.

Right now that takes me about 54 minutes, so this is a pretty serious jump in speed, but I’m not setting the goal for next week.

OK, on with normal life now.


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