Well, only if I do it wrong.

A year ago, if you had told me that I would be setting my cell phone alarm for 5am, so I could go swim in the river, and return home before Meghan left for work, well…. there are a lot of things I wouldn’t have believed a year ago. This would be one of them.

Thanks to the fact that there are in fact, actual experienced triathletes in the central Susquehanna valley, I finally got in the water with some others and didn’t even have to pay for a clinic. This was only my fifth time in my wetsuit. First was at the YMCA, second was Annapolis, third was the clinic in May, fourth was this past Sunday at R. B Winter. Today, the mighty West Branch.

I am just not getting it. I get so far, then my breathing is constricted. I have been told that the wetsuit will stretch as I wear it. I am contemplating sitting in an air conditioned room just watching tv with it on, so I can passively stretch it.

At the swim clinic, I swam a total of a mile. I thought I had it more figured out. But the last two times out I have been really fatigued. I am not trying to make excuses, but that may be warranted. At R.B.Winter, it was late in the day on a Sunday, and I was tired to begin with. I probably still didn’t get the suit up high enough. Today I was just coming off a day where I not only swam a good 1.2 miles, I came back to the YMCA later for my first weight lifting workout in ages. I saw a sign for a brand new class. This was a weights class, no crappy techno music, led by an actual weightlifter. We used dumbbells and did upper body work for 45 solid minutes. My arms are still quivering. My delts are on fire. My pecs are rubber. In other words, it was an excellent workout. But it was probably not the best idea to do that, then 15 hours later, try to use my arms in a serious way.

But, here’s the rub: you go when it happens. Yeah I could lift any time, but I don’t. It was very helpful to go a class like this, and it will be a good way to schedule the workout. But, no more Friday AM swims. Luckily, the regulars at the swimming go many days a week, so I have lots of opportunity to meet up.

After the trail run this week, and the swim this morning, I have to say, it really is nice to get the training done with others. I have always been a solo artist, a lone wolf, a solitary walrus. I am a rock, I am an i-i-island. (You get the point.) I still have no plans to join a peloton, because when you lag behind at that pace, it’s miles between you and the rest. With swimming, the good folks I’ve met don’t mind staying in close proximity to the new guy. And with trail running, all it means to be last is that the pizza is already open when you get there.

Summertime and the living may be easy, but the training is going to kick up a few notches.


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