So the race hierarchy goes like this:

overall win > AG win > AG podium > DFL > DNF > DNS

I am not sure where DQ fits in there.

DNF = did not finish. That can happen for a number of reasons: injury, fatigue, cutoff time.

DNS = did not start.

I was a DNS yesterday. It is probably logged in the official results as DNF, but to me it’s a DNS.

I was supposed to race the Tri Tri Again in Mifflinburg. It’s a very unique race, and has gained wide recognition. I saw a sign for it at our YMCA in the winter and signed up a long time ago. I have been psyched for this, but I have no serious mountain bike experience.

Yesterday was also a wedding at 4pm. Then Olivia’s ballet recital at 7pm, then return to wedding reception right afterwards. This was not a scheduling problem that I saw when we first had all these things converge. The race started at 9am, and went until you finished your last lap that began before noon.

I got up Saturday morning, and I was dizzy, slightly nauseated and quite exhausted. It did not help that instead of taking it easy the couple days before the race, I did some last minute “extra” workouts. My last post describes them. Saturday morning I was not a total wreck, but just not up to it.

If it had been the only thing on the agenda for Saturday, I would have been there no question. I would have pressed through 2 loops and called it a day, and napped until Sunday. But I had a work commitment and a family commitment right afterwards. In the end, I had to make the reasonable decision that it was probably in the best interest of my work and my family to skip this one.

I feel somewhat like a quitter for missing it, but after the wedding and recital, I was glad I was not in rough shape for them.

The wedding was lovely, and I was thrilled to do it. When returning to the reception, I was reminded how much I hate wedding DJs. I mean reallllly hate wedding DJs. Olivia’s recital was magical. The venue was gorgeous and well lit, and I was able to do front row closeups of her dancing. My son may be the more likely future triathlete, but Olivia will likely be just as athletic as a dancer. She was really well-rehearsed and intent on doing well, but smiled the whole time.

So all in all the right decision, and after the weekend, I promise to stop using the Q word about it. Life happens. Enjoying those events is why I train in the first place. The races are ancillary.


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