I just got my email copy of the TriRock series newsletter, and look at that: my picture is there. They linked my blog, and called it inspirational. I’m honored. It would just have to happen on the one day I post something non-triathlon related. (Unless you count the inclusion of the 1st annual 101st running of the Runaway Jim Memorial 5k.)

So to anyone who clicked the link from the TriRock Newsletter, thanks for stopping by. The posts list here in reverse order. The nuts and bolts of it is that I used to be over 350 pounds. I started endurance training at about 285 on Dec 1, and I thought I’d be lucky to do one leg of a sprint tri relay by this August. I did TriRock Annapolis on May 13. I’m up to a 10k run, and training for a 5k swim, and an Olympic in November. I’m slow, but I embrace John Bingham‘s philosophy. You can read the exploits of the doughboy in this blog. For a really excellent website for triathletes of all skills and experience, I highly recommend Beginner Triathlete. Great people. You can find me posting under the username TheClaaaw. (We’re big toy story fans here.)


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