We’re on the road to South Carolina for a visit with friends. I’m also doing the Beach Bum Triathlon at Hilton Head on Saturday, so there will be a race report.

My not-so-random thought for the day is this:
are we really shocked that there is a massive type 2 diabetes epidemic in this country when the cheapest food is all refined sugars? We stayed at a Motel8. Cheap and easy. They offer “free breakfast.” In a cheap place, that usually is limited to coffee and juice, pastries, and cereal. Other than a sprinkling of milk, there is a not a bit of protein in anything. We all just ate a ton of refined sugars, and now we’re getting in a jeep to drive for hours. The motel provides what is cost-effective. Protein is expensive, and understandably so. But the subsidies that make it far cheaper to provide boxed danishes than a locally grown piece of fruit, do not help. I realize convenience and efficiency come into play too. But if we want to know why this is the nation where the poor people are fat, just look at what’s cheap. You don’t need scooby doo to solve this mystery.


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