A goal without a plan is just a wish. – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

So I feel great tonight. I feel great as a result of a run. The run was not long, nor fast. Not by any usual standards anyway. But compared to where I have been, it was pretty good. Steady 15:07/mile pace for just over 3 miles.

What was great about it was that I made myself do it, in rainy weather, on a Sunday evening. That’s traditionally the lowest energy I have in any given week. I also pushed myself on the run back up the hill to home so that my pace was the same as going down the hill at the start. I’ll consider that a virtual negative split.

As I walked a bit for a cooldown, I thought about the book I just finished reading this afternoon, the latest from Dean Karnazes. I noted in my head that he did my obsession race, Badwater, several times. He has won it. I did the math, and thought “now all I have to do is take what I just did and string together just about 43-44 of them in a row, in Death Valley, and I can do that too.”

Such thoughts are usually reserved for the clinically insane, or at least those with no sense of reality. But I am reminded of an account I heard of Russia failing to occupy Afghanistan. They had the helicopters. The tribespeople threw rocks and sticks. An officer laughed at the obvious mismatch, until someone asked him “how do you possibly conquer a people who are willing to fight a helicopter with sticks and rocks?”

Well dear friends, I am not only involved in a prison break, I am in a war. I don’t win every battle, but I will win this war. And if I could personify obesity, or death, or failure, or whatever power I wish to overcome, I can see it towering over the chubby guy in his driveway and laughing, saying “uh huh. You think you can beat me because you’re all fired up from a 47minute 5k run?”

And I just laugh right back, because that little stone was enough for David. And it’s going to be enough for me.

Someone once said the journey of one thousand miles begins with the first step. I disagree. It begins with the insane idea to make a journey of a thousand miles. Once you’ve actually decided it’s going to happen, no goliath can stand in your way.


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