After a variety of issues, none of them really that big on their own, but collectively becoming a not-worth-it-anymore situation, I canceled our membership in the YMCA today.

Yesterday, I got to pool at 6:15am, to swim 6:30-9, hoping to go between 4k and 5k. It took schedule juggling and the help of others to get that time available in my schedule for the rare long session. When I arrived, I slipped into a hot tub. I was told the pool was over 90degrees, and would possibly be closed that day. In the never ending battle of the blue hairs vs the lap swimmers (and the aquatics director), someone turned the heat up over the weekend. I was told that we had to take it easy. I said I wasn’t there to take it easy. OK, then I’ll pull you out if I need to. She wasn’t kidding, and she was right. I did 400 yards and left. I was going to boil.

After some hospital visits (professional, not personal) I stopped in at Susquehanna University. For months people have been asking why I don’t swim there. No kidspace is the main thing, but that is less important to me right now. Once I analyzed the differences, it was a no brainer.

I now have a card that gives me access to the fitness facilities at SU. The lap swim times are the same mid-day as the Y, but once the school year starts, I have 4 nights a week to swim from 8:30-10pm.

10 miles from home vs 19.

lap lanes roped off vs no lines

constantly maintained NCAA standard 80-81 vs temperature roulette

evening time of 90 minutes vs evening time of 30 minutes

did I mention FREE for me?

What the heck took me so long?

Even better, I finally made contact with a proper swimming coach that I hope to be seeing soon, to work on form so this 2:30/100 pace can start dropping. That will probably be the best thing to come out of this move.

Right now I feel a lot like the moment in the Wizard of Oz when the world shifts from B&W to color. Well, I’m not in Kansas anymore. I’m in serious training world now, and conditions matter.


One thought on “Walrus Migration

  1. You know, Andy, Lars swam for 2 years at SU. If you have any pool related questions, etc. there I’m sure he’d steer you in the right direction.

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