….. is a surprised woman. – Maryon Pearson

Let me tell you about my wife.

Yesterday was our anniversary. 17 years. I did a triathlon. Back before I was going hog-wild and scheduling my life around racing events, I had a goal: complete the Lewisburg Sprint Triathlon. At the time, I had no idea I would complete four more beforehand, nor that I would be registered for an Olympic length later this year, and a Half Iron in 2012.

No, back when I signed up for this thing, it seemed like the goal race, far off. The fact that it was happening on our anniversary seemed to be a nice thing, as it is a venture that started not with vanity, but as a means toward health for my family. That seemed like an appropriate thing for our anniversary.

As the date got closer, I had my doubts, since this would no longer be my first race, and a bit of the novelty is gone. Yet, there she was at the finish, taking pictures of the home stretch, and running in with me.

I love this woman.

I finally committed to my 4th Sunday off this year. It will be October 16th, when Meg is running the Hershey half-marathon. I will be there at the finish line with our kids, cheering her on. Just like me jumping into more tri’s before the “target” event, she decided to just up and register for a half-mary before our target event at Disneyworld. This even has a stricter cutoff pace.

So how’s her training going? Amazing. She’s getting more runs a week than I am. Tonight, she just decided to run 8 miles. She went 9. Her pace, including walking the first mile as a warmup, was an overall 12:56/mile. That’s fast enough to make the Hershey cutoff. She has two months to get 9 up to 13 at the same pace. She’s going to succeed. And I am so proud of her.

By the time our kids are both in school, we’re going to be well-established as a family that values fitness. When we went shoe shipping at Leeser’s with my Mom, Jack chose the black and green sneakers, because they looked like Daddy’s.

Families that run together stay together. It beats the heck out of fighting over the last french fry.


2 thoughts on “Behind Every Successful Man….

  1. A great anniversary tribute. You both looked great the other night. I am proud of Annette too – it’s not out of the question that the exercise she did before her last pregnancy helped save her life and make her recovery easier from her peripartum cardiomyopathy. Take care and I hope to see you soon.

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