Motel wi-fi is awesome.

No, I’m not living online while away, but the kids need time to chill with Spongebob.

We’re at the lovely Sea Esta III in Dewey Beach, with a corner balcony view of the run route for the Dewey Beach Triathlon. Woo hoo! The family will probably watch the run portion of the race from up here, and video tape it for me.

We’re here because back in the spring, I got the bright idea that since this event is on Olivia’s birthday, we should go to the beach and I could do the race. Now on the surface, this sounds like just the kind of self-involved ego-centric nonsense that the triathlete is known for. Like Homer Simpson buying his wife a bowling ball for her birthday, or a young college man getting a tattoo for his fiancee (great, how do I unwrap this?), entering a race for someone else’s birthday just seems really backwards.

Of course, I pitched the idea to her before I registered, and her eyes lit up. My family understands that this self-involved pursuit is not just about me, but getting fit for my family. That’s why I did Lewisburg on our anniversary.When Olivia was given the option of watching her Daddy do a race on her birthday, at the beach no less, she was really excited about it. (Tomorrow we will probably tell them about Disney.)

As it happens, it may turn into a duathlon tomorrow. The weather here has been windy, and there was a water spout in Ocean City. We happened to be watching the sky from Assateague Island at the time, and learned about it later. It’s supposed to be rough out there all weekend. I’d be disappointed if the swim is canceled, as nervous as I am about it. I want to conquer the challenge. But with all the publicized open water swim deaths this year, race directors are quicker to pull the plug on the swims these days. If it does go off, I’m definitely getting into the wetsuit.

There are nearly 1100 racers registered for this sold out race. I am having trouble picturing that many bikes on the tiny course we have. It’s a really short bike course, 7.2 miles, (due to bridge construction) and a 5k run. The swim is supposed to be 1/2 mile if it happens.

Packet pickup is later today at the YMCA, and I’m sure the swim will be all the buzz. Whatever happens, I’ll give it my best, finish on my feet, and look to the next challenge. It looks like I may have that the very next day, as my afternoon plans have been postponed, and we begin the day at Camp Mt Luther with the parish brunch. So now I have a shot to ride my bike home from camp. I looked at it on mapmyride.com. It’s all downhill except two spots. Of course those two spots are both monsters. One of them is Shade Mountain.

Should be a good weekend.


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