After another week of rain rain rain, we’ve had the most gorgeous weather imaginable the last couple days. To NOT train outside would have been blasphemy.

Friday I went over to The Dutch Wheelmen Bike Shop in Bloomsburg. I had dropped in on Wednesday to get some cold weather bike gloves, and to inquire about bike fitting. The owner, Franz, is old school, in a good way. He doesn’t go for what he refers to as the “scientific fit” since it’s not comfortable for everyone. This is not what a typical triathlete would want to hear, but I can’t bend that far yet, so the whole aero thing is not in my near future. But I do want to be comfortable enough to ride 56 miles. That’s Franz’s attitude. So, Friday I took my bike over and we got up on the trainer. We raised my seat, adjusted the saddle angle, and changed the stem to shorten the distance I’m trying to stretch out. On my ride that day, I still locked up my arms a lot, creating soreness, but the position I’m shooting for is now much more reasonable than it was before my session with Franz. I was only charged for the new stem, out the door under $35. Typical fit session: $200+.

Next stop: Danville Area Community Center. I had a score to settle. I set out to re-ride the bike course from my first triathlon, where I had to walk the top of the bike course, and came in around 80 minutes for a 12.35 mile course. I was pretty sure I could ride over the whole thing this time.

Heading out the river road, I was feeling confident. I went up the small climbs by the river smoothly. I made the turn up onto the big hill, and flew past the place where I stopped for a fuel break last time. I geared down to start the long granny-gear spin session, and there it was. ROAD CLOSED AHEAD. LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY. OK, let’s see how closed this road really is. I pedaled past the signs, and past the little log cabin that I last saw while walking my bike. This is a good sign, I’ve made it further than before. There’s a small dip ahead so I get a half minute to rest my legs, then another ascent. I’m feeling the exhaustion, but I know I can make it.

Over the crest by the cabin, and I see this ahead of me.

Only the Duke Boys Would Try It

I felt like shaking my fist at the sky and yelling KKKHHHAAAANNNNNN!!!!!!! But, you know, I just went past riverside home that were totally destroyed from the floods. I can hardly be mad because my BIKE RIDE in the middle of a Friday in the best weather ever, had to be re-routed. I could complain about it on facebook, but there’s enough airing of white people problems there as it is.

So, back down the hill and back to the DACC. Without cresting the last of the hill and enjoying the fast descent, I had about half the fast downhill, and ended up with a total speed for the trip of 13mph. A lot better than the 9.2 from the last time.

Whether or not I get to repeat exactly the same course, I know I have seen immense improvement since April.

Today I celebrated with a long run of 7.5 miles. I call it the King James Version because I averaged 16:11. (Look it up.) I felt good when I finished, but I’ve been taking a long recovery lay-about, while following the action live from Kona on the internet. I just lost the live feed, so I’ll have no idea until it’s over whether Chrissie Wellington will get close to making up the huge lead Julie Dibens had coming off the bike. She set a female Kona course record. At the moment, it looks like Crowie may chase down Lieto on the run. I’ll come back around 8pm EST to see if I can get coverage again.

I guess I can be a sports fan when I’m interested. I didn’t know the Phillies lost until this morning when I ended my short facebook hiatus to find half my friends suicidal. But live kona action? I’m there. When the slick NBC edited production comes out in December, I plan to be at the big screen.

7.5 miles. This puts my total training for the week at just over 50, and only 30 of that was bike.

Hey! My live feed just came back!

And, it just died again…… Make it pay-per-view people!


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