This morning, I woke up at 4am like a kid on Christmas morning. My alarm was not set to go off until 5:14, but I was well-rested, and excited for the day. The Doughboy 5168 was scheduled for today, beginning at the Susquehanna University Pool at 7am for 1500m of swimming, followed by a 40k bike ride down route 15 then up 104 to Mt Pleasant Mills, and culminating in a 10k run to Richfield.

Last night I laid out my T2 at the church basement. I left warm clothes and a camera at the finish. I packed my bag with biking and swimming gear. I woke up feeling good. Ready.

I racked my bike and left the house at 6am. Out route 35, then onto 15 to go to the strip for some convenient fast high energy breakfast.

As I came off the ramp, I heard a horrible sound and looked in my rearview mirror. Though it was still pitch black outside, I could tell that my bike was off the car. I had trucks behind me, and really feared it was now run over. I pulled over and found the bike still attached to the rack, but the rack had slid off and was on the road, dangling from the car.

I have driven my bike many times, including interstate trips where I definitely pushed the speed limit. I’ve never had the rack slip. Ever. Until today.In a more paranoid state, I might have been ready to swear that the truck behind me had a license plate that read WTC5i50.

I got it back on the car and got off the road to a parking lot where I could check it out. The chain was off, but I can slip a chain back on. Of greater concern was the front wheel which won’t turn freely. Yeah, that’s not good. Despite the stack of books in my office that would lead one to assume the contrary, I am not a bike mechanic. I can barely handle a flat tire. I stood in the lot and stared, and slowly came to the realization that this was not happening today. My bike needs work.

This sucks. The Doughboy 5168 has been postponed. But unlike the WTC, I had no problem with “low registration,” and I am not waiting a year to reschedule. I am taking my bike to the LBS tomorrow (he’s Amish and closed on Wednesdays), and plan to get on the road ASAP. I’m limited by work, kids, and pool schedules, but this will happen.

I was ready, physically, mentally, emotionally. A year ago today, I woke early to get everyone ready for our day in the Magic Kingdom where we ate at Cinderella’s Royal Table, after the Pirate League for Jack and the Bippity Boppity Boutique for Olivia. I liked the idea of the Doughboy 5168 being a year to the day after that, but alas, not this time.

I’m disappointed, and a bit angry, but instead of throwing a fit or sulking, I’m going to take a run this morning, get some work done that I was putting off to get this done today, and figure out when to reschedule. I just hope the repairs are minor and affordable. I doubt I have a bent frame or fork, but I don’t really know.

No one said this would be easy. My first season has been plagued with one DNS, one DNF, one DQ, one canceled race, and now one wrecked bike leading to a postponement. I’m stubborn though. I’m doing the olympic distance before Nov 30 one way or another.

Here’s a happy picture to make up for a crappy morning.

The Whole Family at Cinderella's Royal Table


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