I sent this via email. I don’t expect a response.
Considering that your organization had no trouble making this cancellation announcement absolutely out of the blue, with less than a month to the race, with many racers having paid non-refundable travel costs, it would seem to me that it would be in your best public relations interest to speed along the refund process. There is no reason it should take you six weeks to refund our money. After all, there were so few of us registered, right? It shouldn’t take long at all to refund just a few people, I would assume. Oh wait, there were reportedly over 700 racers registered! Yet, you had to cancel for low attendance. Interesting. In any case, I would like my refund so I can apply it to a registration for a race organization that has a history of actually producing the events they advertise.

I wish I could apologize for the snide sarcasm, but I don’t feel that the powers that be deserve it right now. This abrupt announcement, with no follow up, an immediate removal of all references to the race on the website, is the kind of behavior of someone who knows they did wrong and just wants to stop talking about it. When my five year old son is caught misbehaving, he can’t look me in the eye. But he has the character to admit his behavior, and as I said, he’s five.

Your company’s press releases often tout the virtues of the triathlon community. From what I read, you believe triathletes are well-educated, smart people, with impressive incomes. It would seem that the cancellation of Clearwater 5150 gives mere lip service to the former, when you can’t get enough of the latter. In other words, when you can’t make enough money, you treat us like we’re stupid.

I don’t expect this letter to mean a thing to anyone there. I don’t expect my opinion to count for much. It is clear that this was a short-sighted business decision, that contrary to the propaganda piece email I received, was not in the best interests of the participants, the city, or the future of the 5150 series. It was all about the money. So I will follow suit and say I would like mine back please. Now.

Andrew Weaver
Mount Pleasant Mills


7 thoughts on “An Open Letter to WTC 5150 Officials

  1. I had no idea the 5150 thing had become such a disaster! Might have to steer clear of it until they start treating their customers with more respect. Did you link the email to your blog? Anyway, good luck on the Doughboy tri coming up…be sure to post a RR…

    • I didn’t link the blog. I get a few visitors here, but it’s not a site of note. I did post it on BT.com, and may throw it up over on slowtwitch. I think industry people pay attention in those places.

  2. +1
    I will give my triathlon business to those independent race organizers that respect the athlete & his/her hard earned $$$.

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