I just heard today that the Pillsbury Doughboy was born November 7, 1965. (Other sources place the birth on March 18 of the same year.)

Man, had I known that, I would have scheduled the Doughboy 5168 today! Alas, it will just be off by a day.

I’m well-rested, following a PR pace at the Fast & Flat 4Miler. Not only did I see an old high school friend who apparently reads my blog and knew I was going to attempt 2 runs in one day, (hi Michelle!) I saw a couple that I met at Night Flight back in April. They told me that after that run, I inspired them to get swimming and enter an olympic length triathlon! They did the Keystone Tri this summer in Lewisberry.

This race was a last minute sign up, since I just learned about it last week. I had also signed up for the Danville 5k that same morning, but as it was at 9am and packet pickup for this ended at 10:15, I wouldn’t have made it. I did not know there would be a big delay with the shuttle bus, but if the two races are on the same date next year, at 9 and 11 am, I definitely plan to do both.

Tomorrow is the big day. I will likely start at 12:30 so that I can time my finish when my daughter is off the school bus. A full race report will be forthcoming late tomorrow night.


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