Since I don’t hunt, I spent my allotted deer camp time editing video. Here’s a recap of Doughboy Year One. I wanted to keep it short, and down the road I may edit a more meaningful video that includes the ups and downs, the emotions, the struggles, and more family stuff. For now, I just wanted to mark the one year anniversary with a celebration of accomplishments.

You will notice there is not a drastic change in my weight over this year. But I think it’s important to get out there and get moving no matter your size. Year two is going to be very intensive in training, so changes are still on the horizon.

The first link is high resolution. The second is for dial-up or slower computers. (As a slow triathlete, I sympathize.) I want to thank my wonderful family, especially Meghan Jack and Olivia; my friends, especially Chris Sands, Anna Powlus, Elaine Lake, and Jason Lake who helped with photo and video; the volunteers at races who stay to the end, especially course sweepers from Mid-Penn Trailblazers; and the great community of support at Beginner Triathlete, especially Dmbfan4life20 and Tor Christensen who loaned me socks in Annapolis. And a special shout out to Jen Levan Hipps. I think you were the first person to mention the word “triathlon” to me. So this is entirely your fault.


6 thoughts on “Doughboy Year One Complete

  1. I just stumbled up your site and I have to say you have inspired me to keep trying. I loved your statement about doing this for your future grandchilden. What a way to view this journey! I have struggled with weight/body issues my whole life. I’ve done two 5Ks and after seeing your accomplishments I want to do more! Way to go, Andy!

  2. Saw your post on the FB page for Mid Penn Trail Blazers … then watched your video. And I remember seeing you at many of the events. Awesome effort and you are to be congratulated strongly for what you are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great Year 2.

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