For the first time since I was a kid,I found myself wishing for snow this winter. I am not a winter sports lover, nor do I care for shoveling. But what would a trail run called SnowFest be without snow? We got our wish, and the trails of RB Winter had plenty. Not the 2-3 foot pack like last year which made for terrible stumbling and slipping, but there was still plenty of that. I really do not like trails when I can’t see the rocks under the snow. But, I am in for every one of these as long as I’m in Central PA.


Hey, did you know I have the course record for slowest?

A bit less winter wear than the first year. I discovered I really don’t need ski goggles.

We were off and I fell one time before heading up the first real ascent.

Up up up. Is this my grandmother's old route to school? - via Natasha's iPhone

I fell much more after the peak. Coming down on slippery icy roads is not fun, especially when your center of gravity is somewhere five feet above your head.

Thanks to Brent Bacon for doing race photos

No family cheering section this time, it was too cold to ask them to come out. But thankfully, someone I knew was running and brought support, so thanks Stacey for getting my year-later video at the finish line.

As you can see, I lost the hoodie at about mile 1. You may not see my number, it’s #1. I was first to register this year, and jokingly asked the club for bib #1. When I showed up, that’s what they handed me, even though everyone else’s numbers were 100 or higher. Thanks for humoring me!

I have to confess I was disappointed that I didn’t break an hour, but I took over 15 minutes off of my time of 78+ last time. I was under 63 this year. I placed 127 out of about 135.

This is post-race with a member of my congregation, Lonnie Snyder. Lonnie did the half-marathon at Hershey with Meg, his wife Stacey, and Jenise Hoffman.


I don’t like standing around in the cold after running, but the people at trail runs are the best. I am really glad that a MPTB event was my first organized run last year, and I plan on Nightflight and Dandelion again. (Even if Nightflight is the night before Easter.)


And, for posterity – here was last year’s video. This time, I only met the course sweeper BEFORE the race.


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