A text conversation I had this week with my friend Matt: I started it.

“Hey are you still into Batman?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I’m at a comic book auction right now.”

“You lead an eclectic existence.”

One of my favorite movie quotes is from This Is Spinal Tap! The band is lamenting the fact that their new album cover has been censored, while another hard rock artist had what they felt to be a similar album cover which was not.

David St. Hubbins utters the line that could probably go on my gravestone: “there’s a fine line between stupid and clever.”

I find myself asking this question to myself often, “what’s the difference between living life to the fullest and seeking a variety of experiences….. and just being an unsatisfied experience-junkie?” I’m known as the guy with a million hobbies, but I do few of them well. It’s no shock I ended up in triathlon training, it’s custom made for ADHD types that also suffer a bit of OCD. So many different stats to measure, and a different workout every day!

I don’t think I’ll ever completely cure myself of the need to see new things all the time, but I do want to temper it with a zen-like peace that requires full involvement and engagement in a simple thing over a long period of time. Penn and Teller did a documentary series of magic around the world. They visited with magicians in China who spent their entire lives perfecting one routine. The results were brilliant. But in the West, we suffer from “and now for something completely different…” at every turn. I’m patient zero of that affliction.

So, tonight, I’ll be doing something I never did before: go to an urban comedy club that has a dress code and two drink minimum. I’m heading to Baltimore with two friends to see Kyle Kinane, a comic I discovered about a year ago. My only other stand-up concerts have been big theaters. Always something new on the horizon.

Vegetable project update: Day one was tatsoi, day two was roasted brussels sprouts. Today, day three: jicama. I was advised to try it just sliced up like carrot sticks raw. I’ll snack on it while on route 83 this evening.

Training calendar update: while I have a whole host of events to do before the peak of the year, Eagleman, I have decided to be less ambitious with the last half of the year. I am not planning on Aquaman in Vermont for 2012, and probably not Skipjack either. Some short distances are still being planned, including a return to Dewey Beach for Olivia’s birthday weekend. I mentioned it and she was very excited to go back to do it again. I’m already registered for this year. Here’s a snapshot from last time.



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