This is an appeal to everyone I can reach within Central Pennsylvania.

If you can walk 3 miles, this message is for you.

This isn’t just any random 5k for me. This is one that means a lot to my community. This will be the first 5k that anyone can remember running in Richfield. It will be to benefit the scholarship fund for the In The Beginning Preschool, which my son has attended for the past two school years. The preschool has established a scholarship fund for kids who otherwise wouldn’t get this opportunity. The fund is named for a man who was a community pillar in Richfield, Roger Snyder. Roger died of cancer in January of 2011. I was his pastor for 13 years. Roger was one of the first people who knew I began running, as I would often run during Jack’s preschool time, and stop by the nursing home where he spent his final days, for one of my daily visits. For a while, my running was somewhat secret, but Roger was in on it. He had lost significant weight as a younger man, and was very supportive of my new efforts at getting healthy.

When Beth Young from the preschool asked me about helping to get a 5K fundraiser going, I was very excited. As we talked about honoring Roger, I was even more convinced I had to be involved. Every element of this run means something to me.

I charted a course which you can see on MapMyRun. It starts and ends at Basom Park, the community center for Richfield, and the site of Dutch Days. It will travel past the icon of Richfield, a very old building we call Pomfret Castle, actually a small stone well-house that is one of the oldest structures in the county. You’ll have a view of Shade Mountain in the rolling countryside. The course will also go by all four of the churches in town, which includes the site of the preschool. It also travels by Roger Snyder Insurance, which continues on with his daughter Georgiana at the helm. A water stop will be available halfway through, staffed by ladies from my congregation.

The actual race is open to runners and walkers. We want it to be a community event. There will be age group awards for the fast folks, and they will be made by the preschoolers. WGRC radio will be there, I’m doing balloon art, there will be kids races, and you even get a voucher for a spaghetti dinner that night.

Best of all, we just decided the t-shirts have to be long sleeved. We have so many local sponsors, they won’t all fit without sleeves. This is a good thing.

But we can’t have sponsors outnumber racers! So if you can at all come to this, please do. If this blog has been at all inspiring, or humorous, or worth your time to read in any way, consider it a favor to me. You don’t have to be a runner. You don’t have to be fast. You just have to move yourself 3.1 miles.

If we can get 100 runners/walkers, I will dye my beard hot pink for a week. That includes church.

The date is April 14th. The time is 9am. Email me at andynmeg@verizon.net for a registration form.


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