Let’s get right to the point. Only one year from the initial diagnosis, I reversed type 2 diabetes.

In February of 2011, I was tested with a fasting blood glucose level of 126. (125 or over is a type two diagnosis.) My A1c was 6.7. (Over 6 is a problem.)

The day I turned 40, Feb 29, 2012, I had blood taken. My fasting glucose was 82. My A1c was 5.4.

I have reversed type 2 diabetes. I just wanted to say that again.

My cholesterol levels are good, though I still need to get my good cholesterol up. Even more EVOO and Udo’s I suppose. My total cholesterol profile is 145.

My creatinine levels dropped from almost 240 to 153.

Type two diabetes is medically defined as reversible, but not curable. This means if I don’t continue to live well, (and that’s how I define this, not in negative strictness terms, but living well) I could find myself in a state of illness again.

I can’t go back. I just can’t. I don’t have any idea how long I was in that condition, but it had to be years. I simply never bothered to get checked. It wasn’t until I had already made a decision to get healthy and start running that I got to the doctor to get the facts. That even took a red flag from an insurance exam. I’m stubborn that way. But the good thing is, I had mentally prepared myself before the bad news came, so it wasn’t like the stereotypical doctor wake up call that shocked me into motion. But even last year, I thought training alone would solve my problems. It didn’t. It took me a long time to get from that doctor visit to a 12 step meeting. It took me more than two months of meeting to get abstinent from compulsive overeating.

Wake up call after wake up call. I’ve been hitting the snooze button for decades. But I’m fully awake now. And I feel fantastic.



2 thoughts on “I Won the Biggest Race of My Year: Medical News

  1. That’s fantastic! If only more people would have the nerve to do what you are doing instead of taking a pill. Congratulations!

  2. As a person who watched her mother struggle with type 2 diabetes, obesity, blood pressure and heart issues and lost this beloved person to heart conditions way too young, I applaud your change. Great job, keep up the good work. It is the least you can do for yourself and for your family.

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