OK it’s not that bad. But I’m amazed at how different my interests are in 2012. Phish tour went on sale this past Saturday. Since the three night run in Atlantic City is a weekend I just can’t do for professional reasons, I’m not even thinking about tour. The one concert I was thinking of going to where I could get a VIP meet and greet with the band that was once part of my core, Blues Traveler, is now seeming like a “well, maybe not.”

But I am all atwitter (and I don’t tweet) over the fact that the dates for Chrissie Wellington’s US book tour have been announced. I have told Olivia that we will go meet her, even if it means a day off school. I really want to meet her myself, but to get Olivia in a picture with her, (Jack too) would be awesome.

Well, it looks like that’s a distinct possibility. The May tour begins in Baltimore Maryland on the 12th. That happens to be the same day as the Annapolis TriRock Sprint Triathlon, which I will be doing. It was my first open water swim triathlon, so I hope to return each year. I was such an internet fanboy that I got my registration in fast enough to be one of the first 25 after the official announcement, so it’s free. Ann Wessling probably already has a stalker alert on me.

I had planned to go to Annapolis solo, since the family is getting dragged to Eagleman 70.3 a mere month later. But now I think I need to find a way to convince the whole posse to go, so we can drive to Baltimore afterwards to meet Chrissie.

Details are scarce right now, just listing the cities. But I love to speculate, and I am putting a couple things together. The announcement was on Triathlete.com, which is a mass market publication of Competitor Group. Competitor Group just also happens to own the Rock and Roll Marathon series, and its brand new spin-off, the TriRock series. What are the odds that it’s an accident that TriRock Annapolis and Chrissie’s appearance in Maryland are the same day? I couldn’t imagine she’d actually be at a sprint race, it is likely more just logistics for Competitor’s staff doing double duty. Even so, it makes me wonder……

I just hope that this doesn’t mean we’ll be at the end of an all-day line because I am sure a good percentage of the TriRock participants will flock to Baltimore right after the race too, and I’m not exactly FOP material. But just like any endurance event, we’ll be prepared.

How cool is May 12th going to be?


One thought on “I’m Turning Into a Celebrity Stalking Giggling Teenage Girl

  1. I know just how you feel. Last week on D.C. I had the chance to go to an event where the C. E.O. of USA Triathlon spoke and introduced Hunter Kemper!!! I had the chance to
    meet and speak with him (even had a pic taken with him). I told him I was looking forward to cheering him on this summer at the Olympics.

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