I love the smell of commerce in the morning. – Brody, Mallrats

I had my last long run before the Garden Spot Village Half-Marathon. This past Saturday, in rain and wind, I tackled a route with a couple nasty hills, and a few medium ones. 11.22 miles total. I’m as ready as I’m going to be. I did discover that my fuel belt is too big now. I left it behind in favor of keeping a couple bottles in my jacket pocket, but then the jacket got ditched in Heister Valley before mile two, so that’s not a plan. (Funny side note, people from church saw me running and asked on Sunday “we thought you were in a blue jacket at one place, but then not at another. What happened?”)

I don’t really like the feel of a fuel belt if I can’t get it tight enough. So, time to upgrade to one of these.I won’t need it for GSV, since there are aid stations along the way, but for training runs, it’s going to be great.


While at Gander Mountain, I also picked up a jacket for windy and/or rainy runs, since the heavy one I tried out Saturday was not ideal for these conditions. I was thrilled to get an XL with no numbers in front of it.


Then it was off to the real reason for the trip: Elite Feet in Montoursville.

Yup, the Doughboy finally went shoe shopping at a running store. My first pair of running shoes was from Leeser’s in Milton. I love Leeser’s. They still have my cards from my childhood with all my foot growth data. Ray refuses to computerize. My Mom takes the kids twice a year to get them Stride Rites. Lesser’s is the best place to buy all kinds of shoes. They fit you right. You won’t find many places like it left in the US. But, a running shoe is more than fit. The staff at a running store also looks at how you walk and run, and makes recommendations.

With only a couple turns on the catwalk (well, that’s how it felt anyway) the fine folks at Elite Feet determined very conclusively that I’m a pronator and put me in the “stability” shoe category. My Nikes are now retired with over 400 miles on them (including a few creeks).

Enter the Brooks Adrenaline, featuring DNA Foam. Sounds awesome right? They even have a cool poster for it.


OK yes, I am a sucker for a vintage magic poster. But really, I only saw it after I bought them! Image

I’ll take these out a couple of times this week for 2-3 miles tops, to get the fit and feel, and then they make their half-marathon debut. I’ll probably go back to get the trail version this summer.


Whenever I’m in Lycoming County, I have to stop at Wegman’s. I brought home sea scallops, raw spicy salmon roll sushi, and mini apples for Jack. And, I found several vegetables I doubt I could get at Giant in Shamokin Dam.

The first person to correctly identify all 7 vegetables in this picture will win…. hmm… I spent a lot of money at Wegman’s and Elite Feet, so it will have to be something cheap. How about you pick from a Disney Star Wars pin, (a duplicate of one I have) a used paperback copy of Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal, (I have a signed first edition to keep) or Phish Live NYE 1995 3 CD set. (I type this blog at my desk, can you guess what’s on it?)

For the large purple item, not just the general name, but the variety as well.

Only one hint: one of these goes well with a friend’s liver and a nice chianti.


5 thoughts on “Shoe Shopping and More With the Doughboy

  1. okay, I think I can do this japanese eggplant? then go from left to right lemon grass, Okra, dandeloion, in the lower left, bean sprouts and broccoli raub for the leafy veggie on the right I am completely unsure what the long green poddy looking things are so my guess is Lima beans still in the pod lol

  2. okay, I’ll take a stab japanese eggplant, okra, lemon grass, bean sprouts, dandelion, broccoli raub, I think and I have no clue what the long poddy things are so I’m going with lima beans in the pod lol

  3. OK we got all seven through facebook friends.
    Clockwise from top left
    Graffiti/sicilian/zebra eggplant
    Broccoli Rabe (rapini)
    Fava Beans
    Radish Sprouts

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