I already posted on facebook and beginnertriathlete, so here are the bulletin points:

From January 7th to March 31st.

Weight at race time: 1/7 Over 280   3/31 under 260

Time: 1/7 3:58:37  3/31 3:13:51

Nearly 45 minutes came off my time. I felt strong the whole way, and walked just the hills. I loved this venue. The half, full, and relay all started together and shared a finish line. I got to see the winner of the marathon fly by with the pace car, as well as 19 other marathoners.I was 34/36 in my age group, male 40-44. I was 569th out of 606 overall.

All smiles, baby. All smiles.

The post-race area was fantastic. Great food, massages, and access to showers, hot tub, and a pool. What more can you ask for?

I'm in the back somewhere. Duh.

The only downside to the day was the delirium I suffered for about 45 minutes when I couldn’t find Meghan. This was rough. She finished ahead of me (only by about 15 minutes, since I cut time and she added time. You must train, my dear.) and the plan was to get showers and change so we could get on the road to meet the kids at a birthday party where Olivia would be making her debut as a party entertainer. I needed to be there as backup. (She did great, by the way.)

I got my medal, and put my name on the massage list. I preferred a post-race massage to a shower, so it came first. A half-hour wait was cited, and I got my post-race food. The chocolate milkshakes looked enticing, but I am off of those, even if they throw in protein powder. I opted for a fruit smoothie with protein, some oatmeal, and some trail mix.

The post-race massage was awesome. I never had one before, and it was helpful. I noticed then, that Meg’s bag was still in bag check. That was weird. Why didn’t she pick it up to take to the showers? It wasn’t a large event, so I would have found her in the tent, or food court. I went all over looking for her. I confirmed that she finished the race on the results board. It was cold, so I asked the EMS staff if anyone had been treated for hypothermia. Nothing. I paced around the finish area several times. I went over to the pool area, and sent a woman into the locker room to ask for her. It made no sense for her to be there without her bag.

Nothing about this made sense. She wasn’t there. I went back to the finish area. I had covered all the possibilities. All of them. All of them but one, I thought. I got really freaked out. I thought the only other possibility was that after she finished the race, she went to the bathroom, and had a stroke. I thought she was locked in a porta-potty, passed out. It’s all I could come up with. I really started to panic. Come on, was there anywhere else I hadn’t looked? Why would she deviate from the plan? Where else could she possibly be?

Then I realized there was one last place I had not checked. So I went to the finish line and walked out along the course where people were watching finishers. Around the bend in the parking lot, I see a purple jacket and call out MEGHAN! and she turned around. I ran to her, hugged her, then collapsed to the ground, weeping with a combination of joy and emotional exhaustion.

She had finished and thought she should watch me finish. By the time I found her, the clock was over 4 hours. She hadn’t seen me cross. She was beginning to think something terrible had happened to me. I must have crossed while she went to the bathroom.

Afterwards, it was a comedy of errors. In the moment, I had real fear. I couldn’t think straight enough to look at the finish FIRST. She said she should have stuck to the plan. She also said this is how she feels whenever I’m in an event and she doesn’t know where I am. I argued that if I had trouble on the course, there are people all over to intervene. She just disappeared like an alien abduction and nothing made sense.

We were happy to find each other, but we had to get on the road immediately. She didn’t take any food, we skipped the showers and hot tub, and this is why we have no pictures from the event, except this one.

You can see how I spotted her bag at the check-in. Can’t be more than one of that exat Vera Bradley design checked under letter G.

This is a really great event, on a Saturday no less. However, as much as I’d like to return each year,, and even consider making it my first full marathon, I won’t be able to go in 2013. The date has been set for April 6th. That will also be the date of the 2nd annual Roger Snyder Memorial 5k. That takes precedence for me.

This is such a first-world problem to have, so I am trying not to complain. I have to look at it this way: 10 years ago if you had told me I would have race schedule conflicts in 2013, I would have looked at you funny.

They just hand these things out to anyone.


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