I thought I’d try something new this time and do a video blog entry. Hey why not?

This was the morning of April 7.


My time with the vest in the daylight: 53:24. My time without it, in the dark: 47:43.

I love organized runs in general for the great people, but trail runs are even more chill. I have been to a couple fun runs with the Mid Penn Trailblazers, who are really an eating club with a running problem. We joined the club last year. I’m positioning myself as the hummus guy. Again, why not?

Shirley Heasley always makes unique Age Group awards for the camp runs. This time it was embroidered fleece blankets.

This is Cheryl Stumpf, who is a long time runner, and the head of Greater Susquehanna Valley Girls on the Run. There will be lots more about GOTR on the blog this fall.

And this is an old friend, but does she look old? Heck no. Karen Avery hasn’t aged a day since we went to Lycoming College together (when she was Karen Ort). Karen was at our wedding at Camp Mount Luther, and in the pre-facebook age, like many of my college friends, we lost touch. Last year at Night Flight we caught up after all these years. She’s been active her whole life, and a pretty fast runner who usually pulls an AG award. She and her daughter both left with blankets that night.

Final result: 107/118. Lapped by 6 of the 10k runners, but the first one passed me further into the run than where I got passed last year. Last year I was 96/99 and lapped by 8 of the 10k runners. That’s progress, right?


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