For a bit of perspective on why I bother with the “multisport lifestyle” (which is still kind of a weird euphemism for me, that conjures up either Amway sales pitches, timeshares, or more sordid HBO specials) I just thought about some things that happened this week in spite of a single race DNF, that remind me it’s not about the races.

1.I weighed in at under 247 pounds. Can’t remember the last time that happened.

2. I swam in the river with a couple local triathletes and while I didn’t keep up, I wasn’t as big an anchor as I was the last time we swam together.

3. I spent two days at an annual event where I see a lot of people that only see me annually. I couldn’t count the number of people who told me how healthy I was looking and how some didn’t recognize me.

4. At the same event, I won a drawing for a prize that happened to be a $10 gift card to Dairy Queen. I laughed at that and made them give it to someone else without hesitation.

5. I went kayaking with my wife on Flag Day, and we saw bald eagles on the river. Instead of taking two cars, we dropped off my bike at the end of our course, and I rode it back to the drop-in to get the vehicle. It was not a major event for me to do that, and barely even a training session at 7.5 miles. That would not have been the case two years ago.

I failed at completing Eagleman 2012, but I am winning the long run race here.

In related news, today was a big day for celebration on the BT boards. One of our ranks just did his first triathlon. This cat started out with a health profile like mine, and honestly, even heavier from what I remember. Since coming to the BT community, he has quit smoking, gotten sober, and lost 30 pounds. Today was Tyler’s first triathlon. Here’s his report. Congrats brother, you’re an inspiration. One of these days we’ll meet up at a race when we’re both half the men we used to be. How about a Rev3 in Ohio?


4 thoughts on “A Week after DNF, and Life is Good

  1. Absolutely great perspective here. Each race is a measure of the new person you are becoming, regardless of where in the rankings you finish, or if you finish at all. Each race, each training session and each healthier lifestyle choice is a step toward the ultimate goal of a healthier, happier you. Some steps will be bigger than others, but as long as you keep taking them, you will succeed in reaching your destination.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. you know, I forgot to list the other thing that happened this week to make me feel a lot better about myself. In contrast to feeling quite insecure among triathletes in lycra in Cambridge, I spent part of this past Sunday afternoon at a public pool. Yeah, suddenly, I have less insecurity. Wow. I hate to take positivity that derives somewhat from negativity toward others, but I have to be honest.

  3. “I failed at completing Eagleman 2012, but I am winning the long run race here.”

    I feel like this is the most important part of anything you ever wrote, everything we do is a simple tool to win the long race, and you are definitely winning.

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