First, the PR: 36:10. No, that’s not a 10k PR, it’s a 5k. It’s solid improvement for me. Add in the fact that it was quite hot, and there is one significant hill in the course, and I am sure I can break 35:00 on a flatter cooler course.

But what REALLY matters is this: I was faster than my sister.

If I’m honest, that’s all I wanted to do at the 4th of July 5k. Just beat Jodi. It’s not like we were ever ultra competitive with each other, as we have had very different interests. But now that she has taken up running, I couldn’t let her beat me just yet. This was only her second 5k, so it would drive me nuts if she sailed past me on very little training, having never been a runner before. I’m glad she’s out there with me, but I am not ready to have her beat me yet. On the other hand, my dear wife was ahead of me again, but I closed the gap to within a minute. She has all sorts of reasons (excuses I call them) for being slower than before, (alright, I suppose a semi-injured knee and ankle are legitimate) but I warned her I am going to chase her down soon. We did discover on our bike ride Sunday that after years of not riding, she’s not ready to outbike me quite yet.

In finishing order, Meg, me, Jodi.

No, I did not run with the hat on.

OK, so to the contest.

Not really a prize here, just seeing who may be able to guess this right.

Many years ago, I took the Myers-Briggs personality test. It was one of many psychological profile tests I took in preparation for my vocation. If you’re not familiar with the Myers-Briggs, it assesses four key areas in a personality, each represented by one of two possible opposites. You end up with a 4 letter “code” that says a lot about how you deal with the world. That may sound really simplistic, but the combinations of those letters lead to some pretty accurate descriptions of people. The Camp Mount Luther staff uses this tool during training to get a handle on how they deal with things differently, and have found that it is helpful for them in communicating with each other when they know these differences.

I re-took the test this week while at camp. It had been at least 15 years since I was last analyzed. I had a suspicion that one or more of my letters had changed. As it happens, one has.

You’re not allowed in this contest if you were at camp this week, or already knew my 4-letter type because I told it to you. But if you don’t, here’s the poll: guess my old type, and which letter changed.

For more information about the basics of Myers-Briggs, start with this website.

Finally, Saturday, we were able to attend a wedding of another couple who met at camp. With a projected temperature of over 100 degrees, I bought a short sleeved shirt that would have been acceptable to wear with khakis, and no tie. I was very excited that it was an XL, not from the big&tall section. Though it fit just right while standing, once I sat down, I was horrified. I didn’t pop buttons, but I was not about to be seen in public with the tight shirt pushing a rolling gut out into civilized society like that. I realize that even at my largest, I wore even bigger clothes than needed (Meg refers to my wardrobe as tent-like) and I am making an effort to dress more appropriately and not be afraid of that which actually fits. But I am not ready for this yet. So, despite the heat, I put on my three-piece suit and I don’t regret it at all.


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