First things first. I’m less than a month away from the big 5k swim for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. I want to thank the few donors that have already made donations. They are all generous.

But I need to hound everyone else who reads this blog, to consider even a small donation. I think the first couple donors may have been intimidating, since the website publishes your name and maybe it’s harder to make a smaller donation when it’s public. OK, you can give anonymously, but also remember that any donation is better than none. It’s like me finishing a race last – everyone tells me it’s finishing that counts.

So look at it this way, if we met up to talk racing/weight loss/blogging/whatever, would you probably buy me a beer? (Since I don’t eat dessert, one or two every couple weeks is in my plan.) I bet you would. I don’t drink cheap crap, so you’d be in for about $5 at a nice microbrewery.

Well, consider it a virtual “buy the doughboy a beer.” but instead, click this link right here and put it into the Heart Center at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

OK, I promise only one or two more virtual begging sessions before August 11.

 Some Serious Changes

Alright, I mentioned in my last blog entry that I had undergone a change in my Myers-Briggs Personality test. I had been tested some years ago, and was assessed as an ENFP. E for extrovert/introvert), N for INtuition/sensing, F for feeling/thinking, and P for perceiving/judging.

If you’ve ever met me in person, the E is a dead giveaway. Though it should be said, extroversion is not just about someone who can talk a lot, but true extroversion means I get my energy from other people. There are upsides and downsides to that. It means that I can be a cheerleader for causes if I feel like other people care, but it can also mean that I lack internal motivation.

Apparently, I am still also an N. This time around, I answered no questions that prefer an S rating. I also still fall on the F side of the F/T dichotomy, but like many ENF’s, I am a closet T. That means I wish I could always make decisions logically, but I ultimately let my heart rule.

The change came at the end of the list: I switched from P to J. It used to be that when I was solidly an ENFP, the thought of a word like “judging” being applied to me would have been horrifying. But I has a sense that this area of my personality had been evolving over the years, and I was not surprised at the finding. In fact, I welcomed it.

What it means to me, in terms of the topics of this blog, is that I want to remain a dreamer, but I prefer to actually make plans now. I didn’t make a hardcore switch, I just slid down the spectrum some. I have not become a terrifically regimented or inflexible person, but I do make plans, and plot a course to my goals. Instead of living in the dream world of “wow, I bet someday I could run a marathon,” now I take the time to learn what it takes to get there, and then actually do it.

My test reader is also an ENFJ, and admitted “ENFP’s can be flakes.” And yeah, I fit that bill. I still get crazy ideas, I still tend toward the Kramer-esque, but now I don’t just talk about building the levels. I take measurements and go to Lowe’s, and come home with the lumber.

Let’s Try Running

Why don’t you try acting? – Sir Lawrence Olivier to Dustin Hoffman, rebuking his method acting antics

This now famous story has been embellished a bit from its origins, but apparently is still pretty close to the truth. I looked it up on different sources, in case you’re interested, there is this website.

I had a PR in the Mifflinburg 5k, and after starting a thread on BT that got some excellent feedback, I realized I am ready to just RUN. I mean, harder than a jog, not worried about how many miles I could sustain the pace, running. The only way to get faster is to go faster. I’ve been holding back out of fear. I’ve spent the better part of a year and a half providing myself with evidence that I do not need to be defined as a huge overweight weak guy whose heart couldn’t handle a walk up the stairs. I have the evidence, now it’s time to act on it.

My last run was with the Mid Penn Trailblazers, this past Saturday. It was a nice 5 mile run in the Allenwood gamelands. (Loaded up a certain Rush song to start this one, based on the date.) I decided to try my new method. I averaged 13minutes per mile, with a progressive slowing. My first mile was probably the fastest I ever ran, at 11:10. I obviously dropped off after that if my average came to 13. That is not the recommended race strategy, but I am always in training mode more than race, so I am happy with the run. I just need to push harder each time I go out. I tried this on a 4 mile run this week, and ended up with a sub13m/m run on a course where my slowest mile was 14:02. That was the Brosius Hill wall, which is always my slowest mile, no matter the run. So, my slowest mile is now what used to be very happy average mile.

Sometimes you just have to get out and run, and run hard. It works.

Allenwood, July 14, 2012


7 thoughts on “Buy me a drink? — Personality Changes — and Let’s Try Running

  1. Andrew, I didn’t quite get the donation process? Isn’t there a paypal deal to donate to? Can I use a credit card?

  2. on the site with my picture, underneath is a box for donating. Put in an amount, name and email, and optional message, Click submit and the next screen has the CC information. It’s not a paypal, it’s VISA or MC When I registered, it showed up as CHP Foundation. Thanks!

  3. Alright Sir, you got me. I religiously read your blog and share it with many friends. I will donate for you because it’s for the children. Not too much though, because my child-to-be still needs a nursery. To make up the support difference I will be there personally to watch the event. Been lovin’ the blog.

    • Seriously, you’re coming to the event? There’s very little more boring for spectators than a triathlon, and I think a long distance swim has to be it.

      I didn’t get involved with ELCMA in my synod this year like I thought I would, but I guess you haven’t been involved for a while either. Hey, if you’re close by Derry, by all means, come over and say hi! I’ll be the last one out of the water, especially if today’s swim was any indication.

  4. Doughboy I had a somewhat off topic question. I live in an anomalous area where overweight people are very rare. Are there really people that don’t know that diet and exercise are necessary for good health? I would think everyone in the US knows but live in areas where the culture is not conducive to good eating and exercise. Also eating is so linked to emotions and how we are wired that I find it hard to believe that people need more knowledge. Obesity seems to be a much more complex issue than that.

    I do enjoy your blog. Please write some more. I’m always looking for people struggling along the journey as I am.

  5. Precisely that paradox: we know but we do not do. Why? I think it has to do with short-term vs long-term consequences. You stick your hand in a fire, you feel pain right now. You kill yourself slowly, you may not feel effects for a long time. Frog in the pot I suppose.

  6. And probably the culture/peer pressure/expectation makes it seem alright. Hey, just think, even though you are a random fat guy, you are probably making a difference in some way to those around you. Nothing says “it can be done” like doing it. Anyhow you make a difference to me.

    May all go well with you in the coming competition.

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