Where have you been doughboy? You, who never cease prattling on about how epic it is for one random fat guy to become somewhat less fat….. where have you been?

We’ll get to that next week. I promise. It will be part of the book eventually. Yes, I plan to write a book. No plans to have it published, but that just makes me like 95% of aspiring authors.

Today I pause to finally break the long (for me) blog hiatus to declare this:

I have the best facebook and real world friends a guy could ask for! 

I have been using my facebook account for one purpose lately. No, not to complain about NBC’s Olympic coverage, nor to post a picture of me with a chik-fil-a bag or a starbucks cup. (I don’t drink coffee and there are no CFAs around here, so I get to stay out of this one.) That one purpose has actually been to hit people up for money. I’ve done it on this blog. I’ve done it at church. I’ve done it on facebook every few days.

Apparently it worked.

Due to generous donations from friends, family, parishioners, BeginnerTriathlete users, and readers of this blog….. I, no… WE have now raised over $1000 for the Children’s Hospital at Pittsburgh Heart Center. I currently stand listed as the top fundraiser for this event. It would be a hoot if I stayed that way, since I am pretty much guaranteed to be the last one out of the water.

So this event, from a training perspective, comes down to this: DNF is not an option. It just is not. I know no one would try to take back their donation if I didn’t finish, or if something happened that I couldn’t even start. But with all this great support on the line, I have added pressure/incentive, to make it this time. Readers may recall that my first attempt at an open water 5k ended in a premature DNF. I’m not using a wetsuit this year, and there is no official clock. I have no reasons to fail.

I had my last long training swim today. 2 miles. 90 minutes on the nose. My time goal for the 5k is to go under 2:20. My real goal has already been met: and you all were awesome in making it happen.

There is still time to donate, and it’s such a worthy cause. Click right here.



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