I’m 16 days away from Beach to Battleship. However, I’m in the middle of another challenge. A couple guys on the BT board challenged each other to do at least one run per day for 30 days. Then they took the challenge to the whole board. I had just finished 2/3 of the Dewey Beach Triathlon, so sitting in my motel room resting, like a fool I said “oh yeah, count me in.”

I’m now on day 20. The minimum criteria is 2 miles. There’s a time minimum of 20 minutes too, but since I have never run a sub-10 mile, yeah, I cover the spread pretty easily on that end.

I’ve run on the indoor track, on the treadmill, in the dark, in the rain, at the beach, at home. I’ve run every day since September 15. Some of those runs were only 2 miles, some were 6. I ran 10 on Tuesday while my car was being serviced. I ran 90% of that in the rain. I don’t care that my average pace was 16 minutes. I ran 10 miles in the rain. Who is this guy?

I changed my avatar on BT to the title of this post for a while. Muskrat is the guy who invited the whole board to the challenge with LeftBrain, I upgraded it to “I have mixed feelings about you muskrat.” I don’t know what it will say on day 30.

I will say that this is not making me faster, but I do think it is helping my endurance. And speed doesn’t come in 20 days anyway. I needed some consistency in my training. I am sure it’s not helping my bike specific fitness, as that was supposed to be a lot more right now, but with the fog and rain, I’m doing what I can. Tomorrow I planned a long brick since the weather will be nice. I have the luxury of moving my planned visitations to Saturday based on weather.

So, 2/3 of the way down in this current challenge. I’ve already run more this month than I did for January 2011, as well as four other months that year. I ran 70 miles in September. That’s not a lot compared to most runners, and it is only slightly more than two per day. I know an 80+ year old woman who walks three miles every day. So I’m not too excited about that number yet. But from zero to 70 in two years, well that’s not too bad I’d say. If I’m ever going to be one of those 150-200 mile per month people, I won’t get there overnight.

In other news, we just finished the third week of Girls on the Run for this season. I’m finally starting to feel like I can use that word coach without air quotes. I’m just falling back into summer camp counselor mode. Thankfully, I am not alone, as two of my co-coaches are teachers at the school. One is the gym teacher, so we always ask him to lead the stretches. This is good for EVERYONE.

In case anyone is reading this in Central PA, and you love Vera Bradley, we’re having a Girls on the Run fundraiser on May 14, Vera Bradley bingo. I never thought the day would come when I would be promoting a VBB event. It’s for scholarships for girls on the run. I am glad no one is turned away for financial reasons. Email me about tickets. andynmeg@verizon.net And the race itself is November 17 at Susquehanna University. Sign up now!

Post script – I forgot to hit POST. I came back from my run to see this still editable. I just had a breakthrough run. I ran my usual 3.5 look around home. I ran up Brosius Hill road for the first time. It wasn’t fast or pretty, but it wasn’t walking. It was my Rocky art museum steps moment. Then I kicked it into high gear for the last half mile and ran a pace I never run. Some day I will not be able to do this anymore. Today is not that day.


2 thoughts on “I Hate You Muskrat

  1. Muskrat here – This is an awesome post – I can’t believe I have been immortalized on the world wide web. Even if it is as the guy that Doughboy hated on Day 1 of our 30/30 challenge, it still totally rules! I can’t wait to see what your BT avatar will say on Day 30! Keep up the good work bud. Now I have to find a clever way to write about you on my blog. 🙂

  2. I’m playing the Rocky Theme on my noes! Wow, great job. I continue to be impressed with how you are sticking with it!!

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