I failed to mention this back on the 8th, but there’s a reason there was no follow up to the last post yet. October 8th was spent dealing with a plumbing issue at the house, which made the 2nd annual running og the doughboy 5168 impossible. It was tentatively rescheduled for Friday the 12th, but then the entire town of Middleburg had a major plumbing issue, as in a water main break. That closed the school early, which meant I had to get kids at 10:30am. Another postponement. A couple friends at BT have decided that the WTC caught wind of my rebellious independent race series, and are sabotaging me. I’ll go with that. Looks like I will be close to doing it on Election Day again, or possibly Veterans’ Day. Either way, it’s off until after this trip.

We leave for North Carolina late tonight. I’m not as amped as I should be. It’s a week-long vacation with family and friends, and a major race on my schedule, which is supposed to be the day I salvage my 2012 triathlon season. But scheduling a week in October means it really sneaks up on me. An August beach trip feels right. I have a couple weeks of down time usually, after several youth ministry weeks in June and July, then August calms down. Going away in October means an abrupt interruption of fall programs, and school. It doesn’t help that I’ve been to the garage for car repairs two times this month. I tell my mechanic the same thing I tell the funeral staff: I like to see you folks, just not professionally. No worries, once we hit the road, I’ll be in vacation and race mode soon enough.

The Beach to Battleship Beginner Triathlete gathering is Sunday afternoon, details are on the appropriate forum on the site. For those of you not in the Wilmington area this weekend, you can follow the progress of any athlete in the race with a live tracker. It’s not instant results (I would need to wear a GPS for that) but it records mat crossings, so you’ll know when I got out of the water, finished the bike, the halfway mark of the run, and of course, the finish. You can go to this link and enter my name and see how I’m doing. My bib number is 1405. I enter the water at 8:35, so there won’t be a swim split until nearly 9:30. Then there will be a long boring stretch with no bike time recorded for probably four hours, then a 10k split around 1:45 to 2 hours after that.  I will be happy to finish in 8:30, which would put me at 5 pm.

In other news, I completed the 30 runs in 30 days challenge on Sunday. That went much faster than I expected. I thought about continuing the streak, but I need a couple rest days with B2B, and I got out to bike  little bit yesterday and Monday. 100.78 miles in 30 days.

Finally, I submitted an article to BT several months ago. It just got published on the 12th. I happened across it and didn’t even know it was going to be published. I thought they just forgot about it or didn’t consider it very good. It’s based on a blog post I made here long ago, and reading it reminds me how much I need a good editor. I am seriously verbose. But, it’s been shared on facebook a few times, and has a solid rating, so that’s nice. Here it is: A View From the Back.



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