I realize I do actually have a few folks who follow this thing regularly, and I am appreciative of your interest, whether it be as a personal friend or family member, someone who shares an interest in triathlon, or just a curiosity about personal transformations. I try to only write when I have something to say, as opposed to a log of workouts/races. That would be quite boring and pointless.

Well, right now I have so so so much to say. So much, in fact, that I am nearly speechless. The breakthrough and transition that I felt coming, has begun. I am talking about every level, and every aspect of my life. So I am still trying to figure out how to express it in a way that is helpful, educational, maybe even a bit inspiring as I am told this blog can be.

For tonight, I will just give a list of things you can read about here in the next week or so, and then throw in a picture of a celebrity. Cool?

OK then, here are the next several blog topics, in no particular order…..

1. An assessment and deconstruction of the Time Magazine article on overweight people living longer. – Hint: Look closely at definitions. 

2. My personal reviiew of a four year old movie: Fat Head.

3. Oh by the way, that “managed” type two diabetes that I declared “reversed” a year ago? Yeah it is gone without a trace now.

4. Embracing the paleo/ancestral health movement, and beyond diet: how Mark Sisson’s latest book themes convinced me I have always been moving in this direction, I just didn’t have a name for it.

5. What my present and future look like with the 12 step process.

6. Reconsidering my exercise training approach and even my goals. Is the IRONMAN still in the cards? Why or why not?

7. And eventually, a spiritual exploration of how a devout Christian can embrace a philosophy based on evolutionary science principles, whether or not you are a creationist or more theologically liberal person of faith. (like myself)

I want to approach these thoughtfully, and with well edited words. Until then, here’s a picture of me with Al Roker at a book signing Friday night, at Ivy Bookstore, Baltimore. Caption contest: what did I say to make him make that face? Or what is his comeback?





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