So after that really long and in depth review of several podcasts, here’s a palate cleanser for Tuesday. Jack informed me that he did his own “in paleo” show. Last week, with his sister running the video camera on his hand-me down Galaxy tablet (thanks Meme!), he recorded his version of the usual podcast I will play in the car without fear of random f-bombs. (Yes I’m looking at you Tortorich.)

So without further ado, my six-year old son’s rendition of the Latest in Paleo podcast. Ironically, the background radio in the car is not a podcast, but a very rare time when I had on local sports radio. I don’t really do sports, but Steve Jones is good people. Honestly, this bit starts strong and trails off at the end, but for age six, his timing isn’t bad.

As Spike says on Tom and Jerry…. That’s my boy!




One thought on “When You OD On Podcasts, Your Kids Notice

  1. Congratulations to the budding podcaster! Looking forward to hearing more.
    Beef jerky and lots of onions??? Can’t eat either one. Could be why my attempts at low carb/paleo don’t seem to be helping with the weight loss. Maybe I don’t growl enough? Hmmmm….. 🙂
    His way of eating will make you so healthy that you’ll die?
    Wow! Think I’ll settle for being a little less healthy than that. LOL
    Living, learning, loving, and laughing….

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