Sure its’s fun to take home a second place age group award when you were one of two to show up. And OK, that’s legit. But even more fun is to win an award from actual effort. I don’t anticipate any 1st places with my 14 minute miles, but I can make an effort in other ways.

The 1st Annual Leprechaun Loop for St. Columba School in  Bloomsburg

This was a very fun, flat, family-friendly 5k in Bloomsburg. Top three reasons it is a great race:

1. Family registration rate saves money for familes of 4 and up.

2. Totally closed road course is safe for all ages and abilities.

3. They have a best dressed category.

And that’s what I won.


With the Competition – This Party Animal Was Runner-up

Yes I wore the hat almost the whole time. The wind was a bit rough along the river on the return trip, so it came off for 400 yards or so. But otherwise, I wore it the whole way. The backpack is a rainbow that ends in a dangling pot of gold.

I always love to see the costumes at races, but I have a hard enough time just finishing a half marathon let alone do it in a tutu. I found this race on a flyer at the Selinsgrove series. Costumes? 5K? I’m in.

It was a family affair.


Unfortunately for my lovely bride, this was her first DNF ever. The little dragon you see there, well, he fell and hurt his knees. And unlike the Sunbury kids run in 2011 where he got run over at the start, but hopped up and finished under stress, this day was not to be his. And, he spent the week home sick with a fever which broke yesterday. So they had to drop out.


I did however have my little girl-on-the-run with me, complete with fairy wings.


And she got ahead of me a few times.


We saw an old friend, Jen Levan Hipps, who I last raced with at the Humdinger 2012. She lives in Bloomsburg, and with the flood, then a fire, it’s not like racing has been her priority, but it was really good to see her and her friends out for this inaugural race.


Here’s the female best-dressed winner that I spotted as a contender at the start line.


The event appeared to be a big success, especially for a first year. I talked to an organizer who said they hoped for 100. I think there were at least 240-250, just like our inaugural Roger Snyder Memorial last year.

Our post-race trip was to Red Robin, as it often is. The cup I’m holding is my award, which is a wonderful hand-made ceramic that was done by one of the students.


I have no idea what my placing was, or even my time. This was just fun to go and do. Join us next year on March 15 in Bloomsburg! We may even get snow at the end of the race like this year.


Bulletproof coffee anyone?


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