If this symbol means anything to you, you’ve been on facebook in the last 48 hours of this posting.

Yes, I am a supporter of marriage equality. Yes, I am a rostered, ordained pastor in a major Christian denomination in the United States. (I’m an ELCA Lutheran.)

And yes, I know that this will bother a number of people on the other side of that issue, and it will confound/confuse a number of more progressive allies who caricature Christians as all knuckle-dragging flat-earth hate mongers. I try in my life, ministry, and blogging to bridge that divide as best I can.

So as the Supreme Court takes up the DOMA this week, and we’re all talking about the case, let me ask this as directly as I can, with my bias now revealed?

If you feel that allowing gays to marry is a fundamental threat to your marriage, in that it “redefines” marriage…. are you equally as outraged that the US Government is allowing multi-national compaines to ABSOLUTELY re-define the meaning of food? 

Every time Congress passes the new “Farm” Bill, year after year it is a farce that favors big business over actual real farmers. This is nothing new. But last week while poassing the 2013 Agricultural Appropriations Bill, they slipped in the wonderful sounding Farmers Assurance Provision which has become popularly known as the Monsanto Protection Act. It really is 1984 in defining words that have to do with food. Here’s just one account. Don’t like that one? Google it and pick a source you trust. It’s everywhere.

Now, I don’t want to be too alarmist or  reactionary. According to this analysis at NPR, the provision doesn’t change much about the way the USDA has already done these things. And according to this piece, it expires in 6 months. So, is it as they want to say, much ado about nothing? As an aside, for all the people who claim NPR is a socialist shill, they certainly don’t seem to beat an anti-corporate drum here, do they?

Maybe, maybe not. But one wonders why these things always get slipped in quietly and anonymously, with no discussion. They do not want the disinfectant of sunlight. They do not want us talking about GMOs, because it will not be profitable for the chosen winners (I use this phrase to gather support from my conservative friends and readers whom I may have lost with the gay marriage thing) that the government props up through policy. Efficient and easy “food” is prioritized over that which nourishes us well. So we end up arguing over healthcare and who will pay for the expensive drugs we take to mitigate our bad health. meanwhile at the source – OUR FOOD – we give away all the power. Bread and circuses baby, bread and circuses. Please tell me you know that axoim.

Are you as mad about that? Are you as mad that your schoolkids will be sold dairy products that include aspartame if the latest petition gets approved?

How about this: are you interested in the way the FDA discounts public opinion and counts a petition with 1,000,000 signatures as a single piece of input? They can therefore say “well we only got a couple hundreds letters on the matter.” Yes they do that. Read this.

So yes, this week I am interested in the Supreme Court. I have made my politics on the matter known.

But in the ongoing insanity of food takeover by heavily monied interests who are NOT acting in the best interest of publc health, I ask EVERYONE:

what issue is more important than the integrity, honesty and quality of our food?


One thought on “Let’s Get Seriously Political With a Twist

  1. Really good point Andrew! I can just get so discouraged on this stuff. I know gay marriage is a huge issue for some people however food is a huge issue for all people – sigh!

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