I had planned to talk about my experience with intermittent fasting today, but I just got confirmation of something that has been in the works that I couldn’t announce until it was official.

This blog has a sponsor!

When I started this project two years ago, I never thought it would grow into a blog with an audience big enough to attract an actual sponsor. But here we are, and I’m just thrilled. The blogosphere is the new public square, and even a small site like mine can be an important part of the information superhighway. Now that the data-mining technology has been fine-tuned to idenfity the origin of link clicks, the companies that want to get their message out know how to find the places where they’re being discussed the most.

So it is now my pleasure to introduce the newest member of the soon-to-be-growing DoughboytoIronman family:

monsanto logo


Now I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t I have less than positive things to say about that company before? Well, yes, but I was misguided and learned that the NEW Monsanto is nothing like the old one.

Did you know that the OLD Monsanto was a chemical company? Ewwwwww… But the NEW Monsanto is a SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE company. Read here.

So welcome aboard Monsanto, and thanks for the financial support, which will of course, in no way bias my future coverage of the fantastic and benevolent actions you continue to take with no other interest than to feed the world.

For example, I’m thrilled to discover that in 2011 you responded to the growing epidemic of Colony Collapse Disorder among the world’s honeybees, without which there is a major threat to crops that need to be pollinated. You responded swiftly to concerns that the GMO crops at the heart of your business model, were likely the source of neurotoxic damage in bees,causing the next generation of insects to be born without the navigational abilities that make bees, well, bees. Your heroic effort in dealing with this problem was genius. You simply bought the bee research firm.

It is ingenuity like this that makes me proud to bear the sponsorship of such a fine, forward-thinking monolith. I mean company. Company.

I hope to continue to capitalize on this new trend, and will be pursuing similar relationships with the fine folks behind Gatorade, Coke Zero, Crestor, Truvia,  Dannon Low Fat Yogurt, and the supermarket favorite: Diabetic Living Magazine. There’s plenty of money to be had in supporting the status quo, which we all know is a low-fat diet full of healthy whole grains and at least two daily medications.

I’ve seen the light, and it’s a lovely shade of green!


5 thoughts on “This blog got sponsored!

  1. Heh. If I hadn’t *just* been duped at another of my daily blog stalks I might have bought this hook line and sinker…at least I got a chuckle out of it.

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