If the title of this post makes no sense, you have to go back and read this entry from last fall.

That was from last September, But if you go to that post, you may notice that mid-April, one of the race director’s for the BIH half happened upon my blog, and mentioned they would send me an “updated” award in the mail. They got my info via my bib number from the photos.

A few days later, I had a package in my mail. There are few occasions where I would say that mailing someone a quantity of fecal matter was in fact, a nice thing to do. But in this case, I would say this goes above and beyond. What nice folks! I had the option to ask for the 3-D version to be mailed later when they ran out at the race, but I opted for the 2-D that was available on site. It just occurred to me that the town name was appropriate. Bird-in-hand. If a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, is a Road Apple Award in Hand worth more than one to come later?

So thanks to Alicia and the fine folks at Hand in Hand Fire Dept for sending a second Road Apple my way. It will hang proudly in my office.



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