Like two truths and a lie, this post is about two joys and one concern.

I’ll start with the concern. Remember how the Green Revolution fed the world? How without the benevolent science of the West, the whole third world was going to be doomed to starvation? I remember hearing in the 80s that McDonald’s basically saved Russia. When McDonald’s introduced their methods of raising potatoes, the potato crop in Russia went up 20fold. At the time that sounded awesome. I would love to see some research on what that really looked like close up. Was the low yield a byproduct of “out-dated” farming, or was it perhaps related to the inefficiency of the Soviet state?

Voices from Africa are crying out to be heard when it comes to the real story of US and UN food “aid.” We dump tons and tons of surplus grains on them, then wonder why their local economies are a mess. It’s even cheaper for most folks in Western African countries to buy frozen chicken from the US than to get one locally.

Here is a piece written by activist/philosopher/feminist Dr. Vandana Shiva. What have the introduction of monoculture and GMOs  done to agriculture in India? This is not a long piece. You should read it. Now. Come back to this rambling in a minute.

Now to the Joys

I try to take pleasure in simple things. I dedicated a whole post in the spring to finding Owens Farm. We have a half a lamb reserved, and Olivia will be attending Sheep Camp in July. I got on the list for fall pork, and just reserved the last whole hog. Within a few minutes of posting on Facebook, I had more than enough interest from friends to split it up. I’m becoming the meat broker again. Between the annual grass fed steer from Heister Valley, and now what will probably be an annual pastured hog, I think it may be time for the Meat Club t-shirt.

The First Rule of Meat Club is actually that you DO talk about meat club.

Tamworth Pigs Enjoying Fresh Air

Tamworth Pigs Enjoying Fresh Air

But I saved the most fun for last. This is my other joy today.


This is a nationwide relay that starts in Los Angeles, and goes all the way to Boston. Do you see that section of Pennsylvania? It goes right by me. Well, six miles from me. On a nationwide map, that’s as close to passing my actual home as I can hope for. I saw a post about this late last night on the Mid Penn Trailblazers Facebook page. I went to the site, and my suspicion was correct: I am too slow to participate. They have it tightly scheduled to do the baton passes, so a modest 10 minute mile pace is required. I might be close to running one of those. But I am nowhere close to running 8 of them in a row. So I will not be officially participating. BUT, I posted the link on my wall, and within an hour, the two open legs in Snyder county were filled. They both happen to be Facebook friends of mine. I didn’t know the name of the runner who was already committed to do the Middleburg to Selinsgrove run.

So, I am inviting everyone to join me on the evening of June 27. I plan to be in Beavertown to welcome Jesse Greenawalt (a regular name at many trail events) from his McClure-Beavertown run. Then I’m hopping in the car after he passes the baton to Denya Burris, who will be carrying it to Middleburg, handing it to Chris Monasmith who carries it to Selinsgrove. Denya lives in Middleburg, and has been a running buddy for Girls on the Run.

I plan to take the kids along, and invite our local girls on the run folks as well. These handoffs are at 10:20 and 11:45 at night, so I am not sure how many elementary kids and parents will want to come out, but hey, it’s summer! I hope to get local runners out. Anyone can sign up to run along with them, but the first person to claim a leg is the official runner and baton carrier.

Legs are filling up fast, but PA still has spots, many in the Western half.

I’ve never tailgated for a professional sporting event, but I will show up to cheer these folks! (I’ve also offered to drive safety/support vehicle if they want.)

See you there!


One thought on “Run for Boston, GMOs in India, and Happy Pigs

  1. I am always inspired by my fellow runners who take every opportunity to share their gifts with others. See you out in the cheering section, Andy!

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