Last year, I was blessed by the support of friends and family, readers of this blog, and facebook contacts who all donated enough to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to sponsor my 5k swim in August. I was the top fundraiser for the event, bringing in $1,111. I also won the iPad 3 in the prize drawing, and for better or worse, I have used it every day since. The full race report is here. This event was organized by Darren Miller, whom I am glad to have gotten to know. This summer, he’s heading to the North Channel to brave the cold waters and become only the second person to complete the Oceans Seven Challenge.

With Darren’s schedule, it does not appear that the 5k swim is happening this year. But I did some searching and found a long-established open water swim that also serves as a fundraiser for fine causes.

The 22nd Annual Maryland Swim for Life.


So once again, I am looking for sponsors!

I do not expect to surpass last year’s amazing response. This event has a minimum fund raising level of $100 beyond registration. I made the first donation. The charities supported by the event are related to HIV/AIDS, as well as river health. A full charity description is right here.

How can you help?

Visit this secure online donation site to contribute. When you click to the second page, look for the drop down menu on the left side that has a default of “Unattributed Swim for Life Donation” and scroll down to my name. Alphabetical by last name, so it takes awhile to get to Andy Weaver. Then the rest is up to you. There is a fundraising status page that updates live and you can see how my donations are doing.

I intend to limit fundraising solicitations to one per year. Consider a donation if the charities are in line with your giving priorities, and/or you’ve gotten any value out of this blog.

I’m sure someone has the question: how far are you swimming this time?

Well, that is still up in the air. This event has six options. Swim 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 miles. This year they added a 2.4 mile swim just for the growing legion of Ironman triathlete wannabes. I have yet to make a final decision on my distance, which I need to commit to before the race. The start line is the same for all, we swim upriver to the turnaround buoy for the chosen distance, and return downriver.

The race is July 13, so that is less than a month begging.

So there it is. Once again, I’m hitting the open water to demonstrate how little I’ve learned, but with determination to finish anyway. As we get closer to the date, I’ll reveal which actual distance I intend to complete.


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