I haven’t posted in a while, but time is short right now. We’re in the middle of our annual summer day camp, which is one of the highlights of my work, but does get tiring. The evenings are all full along with the days, so I’m not very interested in taking the time to thoughtfully write on a topic. Here’s an article you can fill in the blank with the Doughboy to Ironman template, just randomly string together favorite rants and phrases from previous posts about whatever it is this article says about the state of the society.

Inmate who was “too obese to execute” dies of complications.

I’m too short on time and in too good a mood to do this one justice. You’re on your own.

In much more inspiring news, a friend and reader of this blog is out bike shopping tonight. Seems the gateway drug of 5ks may turn into a heavy habit with the tri thing. Another one is sucked in!

Mandy Farrar, aka Caratunk Girl had a strong, solid day at Ironman Lake Placid. Her race reports are live at http://www.caratunkgirl.com

And I really haven’t dug nearly as deep as I intend to, but you all should check out Sarah Quesen’s blog, Low Carb Shark. She’s lost weight as a low carb’er, and is building quite the distance swimming resume. Http://lowcarbshark.blogspot.com

Next week I’ll return with all the addiction, training, activism, and search for inspiration I can stand. I have lots of tourist events coming up one school starts up again. Until then, I’m just enjoying the summer. Like this amazing garlic harvest from our good friend at Mystic Springs Farm.

Garlic Braid


One thought on “Write Your Own Post This Week

  1. Thanks for the low carb shark recommendation. I just spent hours reading through her posts since January. Good and encouraging reading.

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